Toronto picket report
25 Feb 2002
hkhenson@cogeco.ca (Keith Henson)

Toronto got a picket today, some dianetic thing, and we kept at least one person of substantial means out of the cult. More later.

This picket was because Gregg had noticed last Sunday that there was a dianetics event set for Sat. Feb 23 at 2 pm. We skipped the usual meeting at the coffee shop and met in the parking lot. Small picket, Gregg and the Unknown picketer in front of the org and me up the street. It was cold, but I still gave out 100 flyers--hard to do because so many of the passers by have already seen the Xenu flyer.

They set up about 20 chairs in the former Brothers restaurant all facing a large screen TV. Attending were 15 known scientology staff and members and 3 victims, two of whom Gregg intercepted and provided with questions and Xenu flyers.

All were stripped of their flyers (as they were told to expect) within a few minutes.

One of the women who talked to Gregg was expensively dressed and seem to be wealthy. Her flyer was ripped our of hand before she made it in the door by a goon squad members who "wanted to read it" and she was distracted by another squad member.

They didn't start the Dianetics video tape until almost 2:30. We picketed from about 1:30 to 3 pm.

The police drove by about 2 pm and waved.

A good picket. Perhaps now that is it warming up we should make it a daily practice.

Keith Henson


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