Picket Report: London UK
2 Mar 2002
John Ritson <john@jritson.demon.co.uk>

A cold but clear day - five suppressive persons plus boombox turned up outside the Tottenham Court Road 'org'.

If London was not so convenient from the point of view of travel, we would probably give it a miss. The place is seriously downstat.At mid-day the 'org' had its chairs on the tables while the floor was being swept. (Why didn't he just 'postulate' it clean?

The five of us outnumbered the forces that Scientology could mobilise on the street despite frantic phone calls. They had two demoralised leafletters (handing out a pointless piece of nonsense from L. .Ron Hubbard about the "drug personality", plus the receptionist (DSA?) who spent a lot of time taking photographs, and even more time running along the road, presumably looking for a phone box. Given his past record (walking into glass doors) who knows what he thought he was doing. Paolo also appeared, but couldn't even raise the energy for his normal 'death stare'

Strong support from the passers -by. One lady with a pram shouted 'Scoundrels!" at their leafletters.

John Ritson
*** "The basic rule in any case is Reality is proportional to
the amount of charge removed and so Reality can be
increased simply by removing charge." L. Ron Hubbard ***


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