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5 Mar 2002
"roland.rashleigh-berry" <roland.rashleigh-berry@ntlworld.com>

When I was covering the picket on 02mar2002 (I was doing the photography and had a video cam ready to capture any aggressive acts - I've stopped picketing myself) then it struck me more than ever before about how quiet that org is. There it is on a busy road in London with a lot of foot traffic and the clams were all hiding indoors. They weren't hiding from us. They were hiding from the public. There was nobody even on the reception desk. Earlier, John Ritson said when he passed by that they had the chairs on the tables and were vacuuming the floor. Looks like they are opening very late as well. And when they came out to counter leaflet there were only three leafletters plus their own photographer. Less people than we had and we were down a man and a dog for some odd reason.

That org might as well not be there. It is just drying up the Church of Scientology's cash. And what is the state of ethics in the Sea Org? How can they allow a large org in a central location like that go downhill? Why aren't THEY there running things if things have gotten so bad? Is nobody at St Hill bothered about the decline of Scientology across the country? The Sea Org members have signed a contract to see that Scientology expands to Clear the planet. What are they doing at St Hill? Walking around admiring the flowers?

If I were a certain wheezing dwarf, whose name I won't mention, then I'd have them all running round a pole on the RPF's RPF. The whole of the Sea Org and every org staff member as well.

If you are an ex-scieno from London reading this and you have left in the last few months or so then please email me and tell me what you think is going on with Scientology in the UK.

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