LA Picket Report, March 23, 2002
24 Mar 2002
"Magoo" <magoo44@worldnet.att.net>

LA Picket Report, March 23, 2002

We met today at the Sizzler and there was a good group of us to picket. Jeff Jackobson had come in, with a friend. Barbz had arrived from SD, and Richard, there were some people who didn't want to be named who were new to picketing, and a few older picketers who I'm not sure if I'm supposed to name.

Graham of course was there with his all amazing "Spy Camera" equipment on,,,looking hilarious! All in all there were around 10 of us. One lady had joined us who was doing a documentary. She stayed with us for about two hours, filming.

After eating we all agreed to meet at the HGB (Hollywood Guarantee Building) on Ivar and Hollywood, which is the "Int" Building where all the International Executives for the various Scientology Groups, Churches etc are located. Not ALL of them, but many. As we arrived there, the staff were planning to get on the buses. Now in most "churches"...no matter what picketers might be outside, if the group needed to go somewhere, they'd pop on the bus, and go.

However, since Scientology is SOO into trying to shelter it's people from reading ANYTHING having to do with the other side, they did their typical shuffle of people once we'd get down the block.

Graham did his PT Barnum imitation barking out various things which he can post himself, but they'd quickly close the door each time so obviously they didn't want anyone to hear his facts.

We were in front and at the side ....while people continuously came up and told us "We KNOW how bad they are". As always, that's a shock still for me how many people have their own horror stories of Scientology, or just general dislike. But it's STRONG Especially compared to S's hype when you are "in".

A few more people doing a Different documentary arrived...so more filming and interviewing went on, as we picketed. One of Scientology's Attornies, Elliot Ableson soon arrived and stayed all the while we were there, after calling the cops to report God knows what. The policewoman looked as irritated (at them) as they usually do. Such a bogus waste of time.

Ableson came up to me and said some snide remark (having never even met me) and I said, "Well, that's not a very nice thing to say, especially for someone representing a group who SAYS they are a religion". I pointed out to him that the don't tell the truth,,,,he said, "So?". I pointed out that they don't even believe in God.

He said, "They never said they do". This is their attorney, ladies and gentlemen. Oh well....he and most staff had on their typical phony smiles as they darted to the buses.

As they looked so miffed I remembered what a "flap" picketers were. I would always get a call, "Tory, we have word (who knows from where,,,they'd never say) that some picketers are arriving at ....we need you to go handle them, distract them, see if you can get them to leave". Now here I am...one of the same group they hate so much. But you know what....it is my own choice, as it is theirs to stay. I know it isn't FULLY their own choice, as they are not allowed to SEE all of the real facts.

We were there for about 2 hours, and then moved on down to the Testing Center, about a mile away. There I ran into an old friend of mine, someone I have known and liked for years. I walked up and said, "Hi"...and she said, "I'd rather not talk to you". Sad, but true.

I know she is on OT 7...so I pointed out how DM and gang have cut LRH"s 12 page HCOB on Solo Auditing to 5 pages...etc. I wonder if she'll check that out.....you never know.

We picketed there for some time,,,but right down the street was all the mass motion of getting ready for the Academy Awards tomorrow night (Sunday). So we headed down that way, just to check things out. People all along the way came up to talk, give us high 5's, tell us ~their tales of woe re Scientology. The documentary guys followed, filming and got some footage of me and my "Scientology: Stop hurting Families" Sign...with a 30 foot tall Oscar (not sure on the exact height, but they are TALL!!) in the background :)

Near sundown we decided to head on down to the Shrine, where the LRH Birthday event was. They had the entire front TIGHTLY blocked off so no one at all could see us, or so they thought. We had originally just strolled over, to check things out. We had quite a long conversation with a man from Canada who is now here in the US, and says he's in Qual as the C/S for OSA So if true, he plans out what the OSA people get in auditing. My friend used to be in the Guardian's office ...same area...and told me they never really knew the ins and outs of what was REALLY going on. This was true for this man, too. All he could say was, he was "happy".... even if the tech doesn't work, there IS abuse, etc. Ohhh well. I used to say how "happy" I was, too, so I remembered the state very well. Key thing, he didn't look or sound very happy. He certainly was not sure of what he was saying. We'll see if he has any thoughts later while all by himself.

We called Jeff, to find he was on the other side of the Shrine. Over we went.

There OSA was out in full.... including the people trying to block the signs. I spent a long time talking to an OSA guy that I used to work with as a volunteer. I have to say, I was impressed to see they are starting to talk again, and I told him so. That hiding stuff is just so childlike. He and I had some pretty good talks, all in all. Considering NO ONE would talk to me ever since I have left, (with the one exception of Bill, sent by OSA to "Handle" me when I first left)....

It has been a pretty bad example of what they ~say~ they believe in, as I have posted over and over. So finally a few people are talking. He agreed to check into something for me, that Scientology has done that is just one more example of they creating their own enemies. We'll see if he really does, and get's back to me. My guess is he will not, or those on the other end will create some lie, promise it is true, and he'll then decide end of story. But I await a response, and I know he reads ARSSo go for it, dude!

We picketed and decided right before 8 to call it a day.

My friend and I took off, driving towards the beach.

As we stopped to get some snacks, he mentioned, "I wonder if we were followed". I said, "Well, watch for lights as we pull out".

Sure enough.... right after we pulled out, so did another car. Could be nothing, let's pull over and see. We pulled over, then so did he. So we drove up, and he followed. We pulled over, then do did he. This happened 4 times. Finally I blasted up right behind him to most assuredly get his license.....and we did. Suddenly he zoomed off...never to be seen again. OSAcome on! Why waste people's time?

On the bright side, watching these new picketers begin almost like mice...and as they day progressed their confidence came up, they both said they realized they DID have a right to speak, they DID have LOTS to say, and by the end, they were talking to lots of people, most effectively! It was cool to watch.

Hearing what others had to say was totally interesting, and as always, completely surprising.

This was a very good picket!

We celebrated, as we wanted to:
Communicating, educating, having fun.
Too bad they are so busy trying to "follow Policy" that they missed
The party.

Happy Birthday, To all :)

Tory/Magoo~dancing in the light~
In for 30 years
Out for One year, 7 months
SP 6 ^ with Cumulative Cluster
Free at last!!

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