Atlanta Picket, 11/23/00, additional info
27 Dec 2000

Sorry I forgot to post my report from the picket last Saturday. So here 'tis.

First picket was from 11 a.m. to 12 Noon. Picketers were me, Wynot, Ethercat, and Jeff Jacobson. We got around 53 acks from the passing public. Clam car count was 8 vehicles. No response from the org. Nothing. Nadda. No pictures, no calling the cops crying that we were tresspassing on the sidewalk. No former-DSA Susan Webb driving up 45 minutes into the picket with a sour look on her face. Nothing. Just the way I like it.

We broke for lunch, then Jeff went his way to meet other old friends, so the rest of us decided to do another picket.

We picketed again from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. This time we got 94 acks. And again, no response from the org. Car count was 11 cars, with one leaving and another arriving during the picket. We think we saw one Sea Borg member leave in one direction, later returning from the opposite direction which means he went around the block, probably looking for our cars.

During the second picket, a guy drove into the org parking lot and tried to give Ethercat 10 bucks for materials, but she declined. Another gent stopped by to ask me about the picket, I gave him a quick rundown (hehe). He said he'd look it up on the internet. Nice guy.

One final thing. The org is located next to a drive-in car wash. When the giant blow-dryer kicks in, it sounds like a jet engine revving up, or (dare I say it) a UFO taking off :) I wonder how many engrams that thing is restimulating?

Mad Kow (better late than never)


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