Toronto Picket Report: Dec 27, 2000.
27 Dec 2000
Gregg <elrond1@home.com>

Toronto Ontario
Dec 27, 2000

Picket Report:

Time: 10 am to 12 pm. & 1 pm to 3 pm.

Picketers: AM: Chris Wood, Gregg Hagglund
PM: Chris Wood, Gregg Hagglund, Kaeli, (Intel Observer: Zeratulcat]

Flyer Count: 100

Picket Report:

Chris Wood expressed a desire for a weekday Demo at the Org earlier this month so today was designated as an Enturbulation Day.

We called 52 Division at about 9:55 to let them know we would be on the street and for how long.

Today was fairly cold, about 0 F or -15 C with the windchill. We had a light dusting of snow in the afternoon. Pedestrian Traffic was very light and predominantly locals. We received numerous thumbs up, car acks and uncounted positive comments. We handed out flyers slowly but steadily and finished the afternoon with a flurry of about 25 in 5 minutes.

The picket started of very quietly. The Dianetics Centre was open and there was some frantic dialing, with delayed results. Uncle Al Buttnor, who is reportedly hiding out at the Toronto Org, at least as of last Friday, did not bestir his corpulent self. Instead Brian MacPherson (aa@aaa.com?] and his degraded 2D side kick Gwen Jones [aka Velcro kitty] put in a hastily arranged appearance at approximately 10:45 am.

They were not dressed suitably for the weather. Chris and I were. I decided to keep them busy enough to get miserably cold and so I verbally sparred with them for about 15 minutes. As before they were hopelessly stuck with discredited shore stories and tired attack lines at long flattened buttons. I asked them if they were going to help would-be-thief-and-burgla Peter Ramsay with the legal costs of Hagglund Vs Ramsay?. [ VK still thinks I have to change my license plate from AT L AN.] I advised Gwennie to get better legal advice. Finally, after about a quarter of an hour the visibly shivering Brian and SpittyKitty withdrew to the nearby coffee shop. For a couple of OTs they seemed most unable to postulate a field of warmth around themselves. Maybe they need a review of their MEST abilities.

There were a few more desultory and half hearted efforts by Brian and Gwen to handle Chris and I thereafter, but now we "Not-Is'd" them. [ VK started to accuse me of "Clamming UP" but made that "Clam - er, ah Shutting up on us Gregg?" ] By the time we went to lunch at 12 noon it appeared they had given up. Most of the time B & G spent shivering inside the Dianetics Centre.

Occasionally an SO or two would step out of the side door for a cigarette, but I'd chase them back in with a cry of "No OT's Here" or "Would you like to hear OT3?" etc. No one came out to counter leaflet at all, or Body Route either.

Kaeli and Zeratul joined Chris and I for lunch. Kaeli determined to do about 30 minutes of flyering despite her barely controlled Cold BTs.

The Repugnant Mr. Ramsay put in a brief appearance when we returned at 1 pm. He hovered about in the Bookstore or up the street smoking. Then at about 12:30, just as Brian Macpherson returned (VK did not) Ramsay decided to tell me he had received "a Temple for Christmas". How nice for him. Of course Trade-Mark Infringer Ramsay is too much of coward to post to ABS the legal notice he recently received from my lawyers. Mr. Ramsay has failed to comply with certain conditions and his time frame of 14 days expired today.

Ramsay left at about 12:45. Brian MacPherson made one more weak attempt at handling me, but once again, I refused to Ack him and he quickly scuttled into the BookStore to have a coffee and try to leave the impression with the Day Org he was effective at handling our SP Entheta.

A patrol car finally put in an appearance at 2 pm. I exchanged waves and grins with the two cops. They sat and enjoyed their coffee and caught up on some paper work. They left at about 2:20. We called it a day at 3 pm and of course as soon as we started to leave there was a wave of pedestrians asking for flyers. We did a brisk few minutes and then left.

All and all a quiet and effective day with little worthwhile countering actions.

I wonder if weekday Pickets, for those of us who get their "weekends" during the regular business week, might be a very effective route to explore.

We shall see what develops in the New Year.

Happy New Year to All!

"Evil Incompetent Financial Genius and Spiritualist"

Gregg Hagglund SP7
Free Toronto

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"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate between: ----individuals: picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior, and -----an organization: picketing individuals for voicing their opinion." -M.C.DiPietra

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund


"It's doubtful anyone would heed a failed businessman with his own "religion" and other failed sci-fi interests." -D.Bryenton, 25 year Toronto Org Member & OSA Stooge



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