My first picket, well sort of!
27 Jan 2001
Grunde <ratman@REMOVETHISinnocent.com>

Hello all!

As a long time lurker and few times poster, I always thought I would never get a chance to do a picket as the was no clam activity anywhere near me where I live in Ireland, well all that changed today!

I was walking accross the city center when someone with a foreign accent tried to stop me and show me a book, I thought he was trying to sell second hand books, so I said no thanks and walked on. A few yards further I noticed someone with a Dublin accent talking to some girls about a book in his hand called - Dianetics, I though YES! YES! YES! a chance to bother some clams, ecellent! So I wrote on a piece of paper "He's from a cult called Scientology and he wants you money, If I were you I'd walk away" and held it behind him, he didn't notice me for about 10 minutes and every person he stopped who seen me walked on, great I thought. Well after 10 minutes the other man seen me and came over and told me to f**k off, I then went on to tell them what was wrong with Scientology and they were fooling no-one but themselves.

I pointed out their pale white skin and old clothing, I said there are better ways of earning a living . I then offered to take then to the pub and buy them the biggest steak meal they had ever seen, but only if they said had a point. Guess what they told me I was supressing them, please tell me this makes me a suppresive person, please!

Anyway I sat and butted in to their conversations with people for about the next hour and really annoyed them! They threatened to call the police, I said do you honestly think the RUC would take you serious, trust me the RUC would laugh at a complaint like that. Aftet that they went and sat on a bench to see if I would leave, after 15 mins I did, I had to get my shopping in.

All this gave me a fantastic adrenaline rush and I plan to do it next week if they are there, next time I'll have few mates with me as well. In case your wondering I was safe on my own today as I have friends and relatives working in nearby shops. I'm going to put up some posters as I really want to dig my teeth in to all this. What advice would you give me now that the $cientologists are trying to set up a presence where I live. Bear in mind the local population would be very easy set against the $cienios, this is the bitrth place of the Northern Ireland troubles. I have a contact at a local TV station who I am going to try to get them to run a story on the cult. I'm going to have some fun....

Bye for now,


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