PICKET REPORT: Sat 2001/jan/27, Birmingham(UK)
27 Jan 2001
Dave Bird <dave@xemu.demon.co.uk>

PICKET REPORT: Sat 2001/jan/27, Birmingham(UK)

Six of us turned out: me, John, Jens, plus Roland and Hartley on a later train, and one local woman. A few reconnoitres show that the normal complement is two body-routers out, but they put on an "all-clams" alert when we come and turn 6 to 8 people out of the office. Birmingham University Loons Club wasn't there this time, he has probably blown. John and I alternated on the boom-box and about 400 leaflets were issued. At one point people were grabbing them from my hand faster than I could hand them out. Weather was clear sky with a few high cirrus clouds, but very cold: I had no gloves, and my fingers were turning into frozen fish fingers. Total time just after 13:05 to about 15:25. Nothing very remarkable. We had a drink and chat afterwards, then went our separate ways.

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