Six org picket, 2/3/01
04 Feb 2001

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Time: noon to 2 plus 4:15-4:45
Weather: gorgeous
Fliers given out: gobs
Picketers: Peaches, Kristi, Tim, Tory, Murdoch, Keith
Henson, Arel Henson, Phr


Minor correction, Arel goes by Lucas. Since I don't like to proliferate threads, I will put in what we did before getting to the SF picket.

"It was a six org sort of day."

Arel and I started picketing at 9:40. First was the Mt View org(1), which was the very first one I ever picketed way back in 1995 with Shelley Thompson. They got 15 minutes. A few people saw us, but no reaction except to avert their eyes. No cameras. Arel or I or both of us took pictures at each place with the signs in the background. I had other signs with me, but I mostly used the new one, "Things will go right for you when you're ready to leave Scientology." Arel was carrying one which said. "I know Ex-Scientologists and I believe them." and on the other side it said "Meet a (former) OT VII" (referring to picketing with Tory).

On down the road to the Dianetics testing center (2). That is the one Brent Stone and I picketed (and Shami taped) on their opening day. There is a long report about their trying to handle us that day, with about 6 Mt View police and 2 or 3 of them trying to get us to leave. Total bust for them that day. They still have not put up curtains on the floor-to-ceiling windows so those inside have a good look at anyone picketing. The place was deserted. We gave them 5 minutes and then got back on 101 headed down to San Jose. Arel started carrying two signs since Tory wasn't with us. The other side was now the "cult of bribery and fraud sign," the same as one side of Keith's.

We arrived at 10:20 and spent a little over 20 minutes picketing the San Jose org (3) on Rosemary. I was hoping Tory could join us, but they took the wrong direction on a freeway. There were 41 cars in the lot, about normal or perhaps a little low for a Sat. Three people went in or out, nobody photographed us. The place is not in the best neighborhood, and it looking more run down than ever, lots of beer cartons in the Ivy between the sidewalk and the street. The redhead John M. (who I have mentioned before as their main body router) was not there. A person on the street told me that he was no longer on staff, partly because they were unable to cure his knees with scientology.

From there we went over to the San Jose Mission (4) at Hedding and Winchester. There was one person at the desk inside, who saw us, but no reaction from them either. The sign on the front has about faded out. The best picketing at this location is to take the "Walk" signs around the intersection. This tiny org got 10-15 minues.

Last for the South Bay was the Los Gatos org on Bascom Ave (5). It is actually in Campbell. One guy came out with a camera here and took pictures of us and our signs. Arel photographed him back. He might have been the only person there, because nobody bothered to close the blinds, which they have done before. After ten minutes we left.

Then it was on to the SF org (6), which I am sure Kristi will write up better than I can. I noticed Robyn handing out flyers (didn't look closely to see if she has had the medical problem taken care of) and Arel said she saw Jeff Quiroz. Craig spent a lot of time talking to me. He was nice to me for some reason, having been rather nasty to Kristi earlier. Craig has potential. The guy is fairly bright, but scn keeps him amazingly ignorant of what has been going on in the world. Here Arel got to carry only one sign, since the OT VII was also picketing, wearing devil's horns.

Six orgs in a day only equals the number a group did in LA awhile ago. There *are* two more near here, Redwood City and Palo Alto, so sometime soon we might try for a world record number of orgs picketed in a day. Alert the Guiness people.

Keith Henson

(Written from Arel's excellent notes.)

(Keith definitely had to write this up, since my shoulders are so sore from carrying signs I can't type much.--Arel Lucas)


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