Picketing in SF-32 Years Later
05 Feb 2001
mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

Yesterday I went up to San Francisco to picket with the Northern Critics. I had lived in SF 32 years earlier, and as a hippie I used to picket all the time.

"Make love, not war" was a big slogan at that time. I was very much for Peace, and for Free speech.

One of the reasons I left Scientology 30 years later is because despite all their promotions that they are for freedom of speech, the truth is they are not. They want you to hear what they tell you. They have tons of propaganda, many of it promoting free speech. However, they secretly installed a "net nanny" on each Scientologists computer to stop them from going to any sites they deemed not ok. As my stepfather said to me, "Millions of men and women have died fighting for that right to free speech."

So yesterday Tim and I arrived at about noon, ready to picket at the San Francisco org, with Kristi who pickets every first Saturday of each month. As soon as I saw Kristi I knew I liked her. She was all dressed in red, with a blue Xenu doll on her back. She was carrying a bag of flyers to pass out, and was actively doing so. Kristi was very friendly, and was nice enough to print out a sign I had mentioned I would like. "Scientology Stop Hurting Families" on one side, and "Scientology Stop Hurting Children" on the other.

Once all were together, there was Kristi, Peaches, Murdock, Dr. Tim, Keith Hensen and his wife Arela, and myself for most of it. Paul arrived towards the end. Now when I was in Scientology had I heard of a picket such as this, I would have laughed and said "how feeble". But it is amazing what 6-8 people can do! Heck, In Clearwater Patricia and I alone practically shut down the FT. Harrison one Thursday, and one day Arnie, and I got them to shuttle tons of people onto busses and away from the Ft. Harrison. Can we really be that scarry?? All we were saying was "grab your wallets and run".

Ok. So yesterday we all got busy walking and talking, and passing out information. People were amazingly receptive. Again, I say amazing, as the last time I passed out promo was when I was In Scientology, and it is always a struggle to get people to take even a piece of promo. Here the majority of people we would offer it to not only took it, many stopped to read it right there.

At Flag, they are on CnC Tr's "The Camera non-Confront" (c)…where they will only film you. They refuse to actually confront and communicate, as they have been trained. Now with the new DM regime those 'old basic tools' are no more. People don't talk they film. But here in San Francisco, California was a nice change, sort of. First a staff member, Jeff Quiros, came out and called me a "bitch". I pointed out that was "out tech" but he persisted. I then pointed out that is "Fair Game" and told him as of last year at this time, I too would have put down $5,000 saying "there is not Fair Game, and hasn't been for years" but now I was here to tell him, (and by his actions, he shows all) that it is alive and being used daily.

He didn't like me, for the rest of the day. He has been in for 20 years, and is no doubt beaten down himself, and trying to back up all the BS as best he can, which was not very well, I might add. Before I left, I wrote up my "hat" to OSA, INT re handling the critics, as I had been told quite often how successful I was. Two things I did that are actually part of their policies, and OSA and OSA volunteers violate them constantly were: "Be there and communicate". But for much of the day these staff members were in the usual OSA mode, if they will come out even: Cut all communication lines, don't talk, make fun of, distract, get rid of. (All actually out-tech per Hubbard's own words, except for fair game).

As we walked back and forth I couldn't help but notice and admire Kristi. She bounded around literally, handing out flyers, taping all conversations, taking some quick photos, and briefly talking to people. Mostly I heard her saying with a big smile on her face, "Find out about Scientology..it's worse than you think" as she handed them a piece of promo then onto the next. She has it down!

One girl was out there who told me Scientology had changed her life. I told her I had no problem with that, but how did she feel about 3 young men who killed themselves all over disconnection? How did she feel that NONE of my 30 best friends would even talk to me? I felt bad for her, as I know the trap very well, and she is smack dab in it. We went back and forth on many issues, but I think my new friend Murdock helped her the most. He is an amazing young man with a great deal of integrity. How refreshing to see someone so young caring and out making a difference!

Keith gave a long talk to Craig on the videotape, all the time walking back and forth. His wife, Arel, did the picket dance that I showed her when I was first at Flag and people were yelling at us. She had told me then that she loved that idea, and it was fun to see her rocking along picketing, listening to her own music.

Tim picketed and took photos, and I do not think they knew what to think of Tim. He is doing his own report, and I will let him tell you about it! He was a good addition to the group.

Peaches and I strolled back and forth many times, and she also seemed to choose a more quiet form of picketing, but was very effective in this manner. It was fun to meet her, also, as she and I had shared words on ARS.

I noticed one large, Afro-American man (did I say that right? I am still "grooving in" to the politically correct stuff, so sorry if it is wrong), named Craig, walked along with Kristi. As she passed out her flyers, he tried to pass out his. I noticed he would talk to her, so I decided to join in. No dice! Craig was right there to angrily tell me "Move on, I am not talking to you". I pointed out how interesting that he was happy to talk to the critics, but afraid to talk to someone who had been in Scientology for 30 years, and had done most of the Bridge. He ridged up and walked on.

I continued to try to talk with Craig, and he continued to hold his position of "I am a perfect staff member who is in total control and I even though I am in total control, I just don't choose to talk to YOU". Right.

A handful of people came and left while we were there (I think). I wasn't counting, but it seemed rather scarce. I was surprised to see bums lounging out in front of the org. I would LOVE to see DM's face as he saw that! Wooof. We continued strolling back and forth, and handing out flyers and talking to people. Horns honked as people drove by, and the bus driver gave Keith and I a thumbs up.

Finally Craig was videoing Keith. Another man (scio) came out and actually listened to what I had to say. At the end I congratulated him and told him he and Andrik (who is the head of their "Crusade for Total Freedom") were the only two Scientologists in 6 months who would talk to me and speak to me nicely, as I had known Scios to be. I told him I meant this from the bottom of my heart, and I did. I am pretty sure Craig heard this, as he was right next to me. The man thanked me, and left.

Shortly there after, Craig came up and was now speaking as Craig. He was no longer being this weird, what we used to call "out of valence" (not being himself) person. He was Craig, his voice was much kinder, and he told me he was now willing to talk. I told him what I had to say, and also that I felt if he was going to stay inside, that it was key he worked on getting rid of many of the bad things, that were the only reason all of us were there; Specifically Disconnection, where people literally cannot talk to others once they have been declared and SP (suppressive person, someone worse than the devil, or at least in the same ballpark). I said "I am NOT a Suppressive Person" and he said to me " I know you are a good person". This was quite a switch from the robot Craig, and wonderfully refreshing. I told him I wasn't sure if he was just saying that or if he meant it, as I knew Scios lie a lot. He told me "no, I really mean it."

This was a huge win for me, not that he liked me, but that he could get out of that robot, out of communication, weird deal and become himself. There is hope for Craig.

We took a bunch of group photos, and even invited Craig to be part of it. He reigned but you could tell something had changed for him. I am not sure what exactly, but he is welcome here if he decides to make the big leap. I forgot to tell him he can get all of the services he wants outside and for much cheaper (and more standardly too!).

Finally we all went and had something to eat, and shared our many stories.

I love picketing and highly recommend it. It only takes two people to totally rattle the entire staff, and they can use a few shake ups! You never know what might get them to look,,,,and since Scientology is like a gigantic deck of cards (about the size of the Sears Tower here in the States)…once they DO look,,,,,TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I know I have said this before, but I think it is good to repeat it. Every action you critics do is SO vital! Because of the nature of the things we are fighting is so hidden, every time (EVERY TIME) someone exposes the truth, gets out a web site with the truth, tells someone to look at the truth, etc we are that much closer bringing truth to light on the subjects that so much are needed to be shown.

So my love to you all!!

Tory/Magoo~ Dancing in the moonlight!!
In for 30 YEARS
Out for 6 months
SP 5
Free at LAST!


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