Clearwater Litigation Update from Arnie Lerma
14 Feb 2001
Arnaldo Lerma

http://www.lermanet.com/missive.htm contains my statement re last few days dog and pony show in cw, Id appreciate if somebody could post this to ars, the update section top page of missive.htm to newsgroup with sig... I cant post through bellatalntic dont have that password with me


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Scientology’s current game plan - updated 14 Feb 2001 11:46

Scientology’s current game plan -

After learning that my name had been included in Scientology’s most recent effort to invoke its "litigation is used not to win but to harass" strategy, I flew in to Clearwater on Friday the 9th of February.

Scientology’s directors of the carnival show had crafted an "order to show cause why we not be held in contempt" order, naming about a dozen recent participants in the Dec and January pickets in Clearwater.

This being technically a criminal proceeding, will count as the THIRD attempt by Scientology to ‘simulate a felony’ on my behalf.

Without beggaring you with a long an involved description of Scientology’s current theatrical charade, and, of course, speaking only for myself, let me just say that Scientology is not happy with my phrase NO OTS THERE.

Scientology’s conduct in this current attempted frame up was already reminding me so much of RTC vs Lerma, that when I found myself confronted with that past unwelcome visitor to my home, one Scientologist Scientology Attorney - the infamous Helena Kobrin, in Judge Pennicks courtroom, sitting next to Wally Pope, passing him notes, I felt compelled to inform my readers of some of my thoughts about the current show.

This current effort by Scientology is much like scientology itself, as well as the previous litigation I endured in RTC vs Lerma. IN RTC vs Lerma Scientology filed 6 inches of ex-parte filings, all describing me as ‘being in possession of stolen property”, only to stand upbraided by Federal Judge Brinkema, in open court, of having UNCLEAN HANDS, for not mentioning in those same 6 inches of exparte filings that what Mr Lerma had in fact was merely a copy of an unsealed public court record. The only difference here is that this time they are basically trying to sell “A Piece of Blue Sky” to Judge Pennick instead of to Federal Judge Leonie Brinkema.

The other obvious technique is the pattern of taking a few frames out of days of picketing in order to try and make the facts more malleable. This is much like how, in RTC vs Lerma, the Fishman document was taken out of context of the running journal style of the newsgroup. My previous 685 postings in just the first 6 months of that same year were not considered. Here, a few seconds of my picketing are shown, in an effort, I suspect to paint me in an unfavorable light - using NO OTS THERE and the only line I used that contained vernacular - "Hang onto your money and run like hell" .

I suspect that result of this effort will be the same, Scientology’s only win will be the additional burden, of the created expenses, the time off work, and the inevitable litigation stress to the participants.

In rebuttal to Scientology’s tenuous allegations, Mr. John Merritt closed with a quote to Felix in the Odd Couple TV series

"You ate that?!"


Arnaldo Lerma

11:09 AM Wednesday, February 14, 2001


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