Picket Report, Mesa AZ, 02/16/01
17 Feb 2001
bk-pettycrew@home.com (Bruce Pettycrew)

Kathy and I picketed at the Mesa Mi$$ion for an hour today, starting about 8:45.

6 cars and 1 bicyclist arrived for the 9:00 start of classes. There were about 13 members attending, counting two pre-teenage children.

The traffic was very light today. We handed out one flyer to a pedestrian.

It has been almost a year since the perishioners have made any attempt to disrupt a picket or handle us in any way- much different than the SF org or, of course, the LA-Hemet-CW "Big Three". Mesa is obviously a backwater mission which has given up grandiose dreams of becoming a "St. Hill size" org. At the rate they are going, they couldn't clear Tombstone, much less the Phoenix metropolitan area.

However, as long as they are there, we will be picketing. The flow of "raw meat" will be reduced to those with mad cow disease.


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