New from LMT Media: Judge Penick's Ruling
21 Feb 2001
"Mark Bunker" <markbunker@lisatrust.net>

While LMT-Watch anonymously brings you their abbreviated view of today's ruling, LMT Media has been hard at work converting the video of today's court proceedings so you can watch them in their entirety.

Neither Bob Minton nor Tory Bezazian were convicted today. In fact, Judge Penick acquitted all but two of the more than forty charges against Bob, the LMT and the rest of the critics. He fined Tory $100 but did not find her guilty for walking down Fort Harrison Avenue without holding her picket sign upside down. He witheld adjudication and fined Bob $500 for engaging in First Amendment activity outside of an orange zone. Bob is on probation for six months but was not convicted. Neither Tory nor Bob were convicted of anything. Moreover, what LMT-Watch has neglected to mention but will be seen by all who care (or are allowed) to watch is that the judge came down hard on Scientology's spy cameras, abusive process servers/P.I.s, and the "embarrasing" testimony of OSA's rebuttal witness.

On top of that, Judge Penick brought in the Clearwater Police's attorney to let him know that the judge believed there was a great deal of merit to the claim that Scientology is "using" and "duping" the police they hire. Penick warned that the CW Police were dangerously close to becoming Scientology's security force, which is the main thrust of the police video.

Judge Penick made it clear that the police video is not admissable as legal evidence, but he also made it clear that the other videos -- the ones without commentary -- that he saw in evidence showed the Clearwater police being "duped" by Scientology.

Watch Judge Penick's two-hour commentary for the full story on the outcome of the hearing:


Also added to the page are the comments from the Clearwater Police Department's attorney, Rob Surette who wished to be heard on the topic of the Police Video.

I offered once again to allow Rob Surette, spokesperson Wayne Shelor or any other representative of the Clearwater Police Department a chance to sit down for an on camera interview concerning the allegations in the Police video. Again, Rob Surette declined.


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