11 Mar 2001
Gregg <elrond1@home.com>

Toronto Org was pikceted today, March 11, from 12 noon to 3 PM. Hilights:

Peter Alexander and Patricia Greenway, Gregg Hagglund, Alan Barclay, Mike Argue, Witling, Kaeli and Zeratul attended 300 flyers of all types given out.

Police admonish Rambo Ramsay to keep his distance from Gregg Hagglund. Al Buttnor officially back as DSA.

Full details from the participants will follow. I am off 'til Wednesday and will make a full picket report then.

This Picket was dedicated to Raptavio and Rich Ahrens who have recently been harassed by the Co$ OSA.


"Evil Incompetent Financial Genius and Spiritualist"

Gregg Hagglund SP7
Free Toronto
Gregg Hagglund SP7
Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at:

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate between: ----individuals: picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior, and -----an organization: picketing individuals for voicing their opinion." -M.C.DiPietra

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund


"It's doubtful anyone would heed a failed businessman with his own "religion" and other failed sci-fi interests." -D.Bryenton, 25 year Toronto Org Member & OSA Stooge



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