London picket report
10 Mar 2001

We picketed the Martian Embassy on Tottenham Court Road today (10 March 2001). There were me (Roland), Hartley, Jens, Shellac, Martin P, Steve C-T, John Ritson and Duke the dog in attendence. We had a police presence today because the police had got so fed up with being called out on previous pickets from false reports from the clams that they decided to be there and find out what goes on. The weather spotted with rain on occasion. 550 leaflets were given out to public who actually wanted to take them. Public support was high, as usual.

The clams were a bit more active than usual. This might be because Jacques Vollet is reportedly retired and they ae not using the "curr dogs" reference any more to govern their response. They are likely to get a blow or two because of this. John Ritson was a wonder on the boombox. He scored his metephorical double-century today.

Photos will be posted to a.b.s.



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