Brief CW Picket Report 3/17/01
18 Mar 2001
Mike Krotz <TampaPI@verizonmail.com>

Time: Approx. 2:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Locations: Ft. Harrison, Hacienda, Sandcastle; Clearwater, FL

Picketers: 6

A mobile group of picketers descended on Clearwater, picketing the Ft.

Harrison, the Hacienda and the Sandcastle. Much entheta was dispensed.

Highlights: Randy being told by the police that his posterboard megaphone was legal, despite the complaints of Paul Kellerhaus. Process server serving copies of the injunction (#2) to a "mystery picketer" and to Randy thinking he was me...and then the process server finally coming back to serve me with my very own copy of the injunction. I gotta thank these guys, I was going to ask Randy for a copy of his maps but now I have my own... and in COLOR!

I have only attended pickets and videotaped. I might occasionally even talk to people. I am curious what logic they are using to apply this injunction to me...unless maybe it is to protect me from the likes of Dennis Clark and the other Scientology agents that have physically assaulted me in the past...

Well, I did thank that process server when he finally got it right and served the right person...it did take him three tries. I guess he was just looking out for my welfare in the dangerous cult territory of downtown Clearwater. Gotta keep those Scientologists 10 feet away from anyone who might not agree with their "approach."

I will try to post a more detailed account tomorrow.



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