Arizona Protest
01 Apr 2001
bk-pettycrew@home.com (Bruce Pettycrew)

Kathy and I picketed from 10 to 11 yesterday morning, accompanied by two students from NAU (Morthern Arizona U.). The students are doing a report for a sociology class and had requested to interview me after seeing a Web ad for a talk on the subject of "CoS vs the Internet" that I had presented at local humanist and skeptics' meetings. They asked questions about why I became a picketer, why the CoS as a target, etc. They did not carry signs, although one of them asked to be notified about later pickets.

Just before the students arrived, as Kathy and I started the picket, two female sea org members walked up on the sidewalk from the Dobson intersection and entered the building. There were 7 cars in the lot, about 4 of them were pickups.

Traffic was normal, and we got a lot of positive responses. Two drivers parked and talked with us during the hour.

Towards the end of the picket a woman came out of the org with a Kodak "use once" camera to take our picture. Kathy responded with a Sony Hi-8 video and I volleyed with my new Canon G1 Powershot digital camera in "Raw Pixel" mode. Outclassed, she retreated in full enturbu-Tone40-lation mode.


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