Early Neutral Evaluation Conference: April 3, 2001, at 2 pm.
06 Apr 2001

I am putting these up in order so you can get the full impact of them. It would be *really* cool if someone were to cut them down to the sharpest points. I am way to swamped to do it myself.

Keith Henson


3384 McLaughlin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: (310) 745-3771
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March 30, 2001

Honorable Michael D. Marcus
Supervising Judge
State Bar Court
1149 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 756 1400
Fax: (213) 765 1443
RE: Graham E. Berry, State Bar No.128503

Early Neutral Evaluation Conference: April 3, 2001, at 2 pm.

As you will see on pages 21 through 26 of this letter the year 1999, was an absolutely horrible one for me, although I did successfully become a recovering alcoholic! Robert Cipriano has testified that Scientology lawyer, Rick Moxon, was having improper communications with my two former partners. Subsequently, one of them testified on behalf of Hurtado and then, expressly in association with Wager, he complained to the State Bar that he did not know, but thought it possible, that I may have stolen money from a client.

Since 1999, attorneys Wager and Gerner have been repeatedly pressuring the State Bar to disbar me because of the Hurtado, Hurtado/Cipriano, and the Pattinson cases. As you will read in the letter to Judge Marcus, Wager (Moxon, Ingram, et. al.) solicited, manufactured and paid for false testimony in Hurtado. Wager confessed this under oath. The District Attorney has failed to even acknowledge receiving the damning document. An aide to former Los Angeles DA Garcetti stated that the DA would not touch the Cipriano, Hurtado and Apodaca matters for “political reasons”.

Until recently, the Chairman of the Los Angeles Police Commission was a Church of Scientology lawyer (Gerald Chaleff). The Church of Scientology’s Intelligence (“CIA like”) service: The Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology (“OSA”) uses scientologist founded and dominated Earthlink for certain of its electronic communications. Perhaps therefore it is unremarkable that if one does a web search using the most likely web address for the Los Angeles Police Department (www.lapd.org) one is instead sent to an site run not by the LAPD, but one run by “supporters” through Earthlink! (It was LAPD Scientology Chaplain Barton who, with Scientology [and former LAPD Officer] “Investigator,” Edwin Richardson, assaulted and arrested Keith Henson. Richardson’s sidekick, Frank Petty, is also an ex-LAPD Officer as is Moxon & Kobrin’s “Chief Investigator” Ingram.)

It was then LAPD Police Commission Chairman, Chaleff, who the Church of Scientology used to convince Judge Williams (whose fiancée works for Scientology/OSA) to have me declared a vexatious litigant for having sued Cipriano, Barton, Miscavige and Ingram, and for being about to add Moxon and Abelson as defendants. Moxon, Rosen, Reeves and Lieberman then used this ruling, and other frauds upon the court, to convince Judges Snyder and Minning that the Michael Pattinson v. Church of Scientology case was factually and legally baseless as against Moxon and the Church of Spiritual Technology. Consequently, the State Bar is seeking my “actual suspension” from legal practice for filing the Berry v. Cipriano and the two Pattison v. Church of Scientology, Church of Spiritual Technology and the Moxon cases. The specific charge is “maintaining an unjust action”.

Scientology and certain of its lawyers engaged in the most serious and outrageous of criminal conduct against me in connection with and during the Cipriano, Barton, Miscavige, Moxon and the Pattinson cases. They “overwhelmed” me into dismissal, obtained prevailing party costs and sanctions, levied on my bank accounts and forced me into a “no asset” bankruptcy where they continue to ceaselessly pursue me. Over half of the State Bar’s case to “actually suspend” me from legal practice is on the basis of my failure to pay these costs/sanctions to Moxon, Rev. Barton and OSA (scientology). This is called “failure to obey an order.” (When there is a bit more time, I shall be happy to write and/or speak with you about the details of these goings-on, if the various attachments do not sufficiently clarify the issues for you!)

It took Wager and Gerner (assisted by my former partner Stephen Lewis) two years to convince the State Bar to act upon these allegations. That has just occurred. Recently, the State Bar file was “re-assigned” to Terri Goldade, Esq. She has written Judge Marcus that “the State Bar believes that Mr. Berry should receive actual suspension. Your recommendation as to length of that suspension would be appreciated”. With reference to their complaint, the State Bar (and no doubt Wager and Gerner) managed to get show the date of my admission to California Bar to be inconsistent with the State Bar’s own records show.

Ms. Goldade is adamant that the State Bar must act against me immediately and cannot wait until the Judge returns from vacation in three weeks. That would be after the Riverside County District Attorney’s prosecution of Keith Henson for misdemeanor terrorism - causing a “sustained state of terror” among 750 of the most dedicated scientologists when he carries a anti-scientology picket sign within the vision of scientology staff members. This is an interesting contention since numerous scientologists follow and harass Mr. Henson exhibiting no fear whatsoever!

There are numerous (published) sordid tales of extortion into silence, corruption, injustice and other travesties involving the scientology enterprise and the courts. It has to stop! Not because of what has been done to me, but because of what has been done by certain Church of Scientology lawyers to pervert the justice system. Instead of practicing the Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers, they apply Scientology’s “Fair Game” and “ethics”. The purpose is to both punish the specific attorney opponent and discourage other lawyers from agreeing to represent those in litigation against scientology. Thus they intentionally shrink the pool of counsel available to represent and assist those who scientology decides to “use the law to harass” and to “utterly destroy by whatever means possible.”

Sincerely yours,

Graham E. Berry


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