Date:    Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:46:48 -0400

From: Jim Smith <jimsmith@BANDIT.PAW.COM>
Subject: [GLB-NEWS] Reggie White Hate Campaign Continues

There are only fourteen groups represented in the ads, not fifteen as the press continues to describe. One of them was deceptively listed twice -- by spelling out the name "515-IN-TRUTH".

Reggie White's Publicist is Bill Horn. His number is 515-967-4400 (same a/c). Ask him which activist called Reggie White the N-word.

The "Reggie White All-Star Pro Shop" has also been tied into this because the Green Bay uniform has become synonymous with attacks on personal freedom. 888-757-9292.

Campbell's Soup is indeterminate on Reggie White's status with their company. Since he posed in his "packers" uniform, he has inextorably linked his hate message with packers and with Campbell's soup. 800-257-8443.

S.C. Johnson Wax company continues to sheild Reggie White as a sponsor. Again, his message is incompatiable with the S.C. Johnson policy on diversty. 800-558-5566.


(AP) - Green Bay Packers star Reggie White again is speaking out against homosexuality, appearing in a national newspaper advertisement and taping a commercial against same-sex marriages. White and his wife, Sara, were in Green Bay on Wednesday to tape the commercial, which is expected to air in Hawaii, family spokesman Bill Horn said. Voters in that state are considering a constitutional amendment allowing same-sex unions. "They're standing on what they believe," Horn said of the Whites. "They believe marriage is important and should be between one man and one woman. It's encouraging other people around the nation to be just as bold." The taping followed a full-page advertisement Wednesday in USA Today, featuring White in his Green Bay Packer uniform above the headline "In defense of free speech."

The $63,000 ad, in the newspaper's main section, was paid for by a coalition of 15 Christian groups, including the Christian Coalition and American Family Association. The pro football player also is pictured with his wife. One gay-rights activist in Green Bay said White has a right to speak his mind, but he objected to the Packers star wearing his uniform. "He should have been wearing his minister's garb, not his Packers uniform," Dan McDonough said. "I don't appreciate his using his persona to hurt people." Another full-page ad in USA Today's lifestyle section was bought by 12 gay-rights organizations and promotes their view that people who are gay have a right to dignity and fairness.


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