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Subject: And so begins the scam.....
From: scully3428@aol.com (Scully3428)
Date: 2 Oct 1998 23:10:18 GMT

This is a copy of an e-mail I got today at my Yahoo! mailbox. I had filled out a Personality test out of curiousity as to what the Scientologists would say about MY personality and find out if I was a SP or not. I filled this out this past December, only now do I get any type of reply regarding it. :-)

See if you can point out the scams in this letter. :-)

Lori Ann Chauvette

Dear Lori Ann,

Our records show that you apparently never received the results of the on-line Personality Test which you filled out on 12/12/97.

It was possibly not made clear when you originally did the test that it is our policy not to send the Personality Test results by e-mail. There are two reasons for this. One is out of respect for your privacy. This test is a serious one which provides an in-depth look at your strengths and weaknesses. The results are for you only.

The second reason is that the correct interpretation of these results requires a skilled evaluator. Your test graph will show you your score of 20 different personality traits, (Aggressive-Inhibited, Happy- Depressed, etc.) however, the interrelation between these 20 points provides additional layers of insight visible to the trained test evaluator. The test graph itself shows very little without the assistance of a trained evaluator.

For this reason, it is standard with this type of test that the results be given to you in full by a trained test evaluator at one of our testing centers. This is not a gag or a gimmick. It is part of the free testing service and there is no change or obligation.

Should you wish to do something to improve your graph (and, contrary to the tenets of psychology, such things as personality, intelligence and ability can be improved), we can recommend courses, books and services to help you do that. You are under no obligation to buy or join anything. This is a free community service.

Your test results are important to you and your life. They reveal things about your personality that are affecting your relationships, your career, your well being and happiness every single day of your life. Without these results, you are living blind. With them, you will see how to make the most of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Your test results show that you have a situation in your life that is preventing you from being happy and achieving your full potential. You need the full evaluation of your test so you can do something about it.

I am including here the address and phone number of our nearest test center. Call them right away and make an appointment for a time when you can come in and see one of our trained evaluators. Your test evaluation will take less than an hour. The location information for the test center near you is: Church of Scientology, Mission of Merrimack Valley, 142 Primrose St., Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830, Tel: 508-373-7780.

If for some reason the location above is not convenient, please let us know right away via email (scientologyinfo@scientology.net) or our toll free 800 information line: 1-800-334-5433. In addition to the hundreds of Churches of Scientology around the world, (of which the address above is one) there are many thousands of groups worldwide who can also deliver your free test evaluation. So it is very likely that another location closer to you can be found if the one above is not convenient.


Joshua Charbonneau
Scientology Information Center

P.S.: Below, you will find some basic information about Scientology and a recommended book on the subject. If, however, you prefer to see a graphics version of this information package, go to http://info.scientology.net. (We normally send a series of three information packages, at intervals of two weeks. If you do not wish to receive these further information packages, please let us know.)

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