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From garryls@postoffice.pacbell.net Thu Feb 25 19:09:43 1999
Subject: Faxing Russian Embassy, Scientology Offices in Moscow Raided
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 17:09:43 -0800

Zinj wrote:

> Moscow/Los Angeles (dpa)
> The Russian Interior Ministry's secret service (FSB) and the Tax
> Police raided four offices of the Los Angeles based Church of
> Scientology in Moscow Thursday. The service's office told Interfax
> News Service that an investigation of the CoS for illegal commercial
> activities had been started last week.

Today, I faxed a letter to Russian Ambassador Yuri V. Ushakov congratulating the Russian security services for taking these measures against the Scientology cult. Anyone that would like to express their opinions in kind may fax Ambassador Ushakov at (202) 298-5735. The Russian Embassy's website is: http://www.russianembassy.org/embassy.html

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