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A fool and his money

John Travolta has been named in a stunning lawsuit that claims the Church of Scientology deceived a gay member into believing he could turn straight, according to The New York Daily News. Michael Pattinson, a Beverly Hills artist, alleges that Travolta was used as an example of a homosexual "cured" by the church.

Pattinson's 166-page complaint, filed in federal court in Los Angeles, says he "reasonably relied upon" Travolta's marriage to fellow Scientologist Kelly Preston as proof that "Scientology processing and courses would 'handle' my own homosexuality," The News says.

Travolta has repeatedly pooh-poohed claims that he is gay. Pattinson, who is suing the church, Travolta and 21 other members for fraud, charges that he spent 25 years and $500,000 trying to become heterosexual -- but that's he's still gay.

"This looks like complete hogwash," Travolta's lawyer, Jay Lavely, told The Daily News. "John Travolta is a happily married man." Kurt Weiland, a spokesman for the church, called the lawsuit "meritless."

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