Scientology Crime Syndicate

>>> Jesse needs help in Boulder. It's the same PI firm who
>>> surrounded the Boulderado with 12 PI's last time we were
>>> there. Jesse is under constant surrvelience, subject to
>>> the usual dirty tricks and most importantly having his
>>> conversations monitored similiar to what the PI's were
>>> trying to do at the Boulerado.
>>> Please give Jesse a hand. Get pictures of all PI's and
>>> spread them on the internet. License plates as well. Judge
>>> Kane will not like this activity.
>>> Thanks
>>> Bob

>> Would this PI outfit be Talon out of Calif? They are the
>> ones that followed a German tv crew to my home a year or so
>> ago. I called the police and we had a big scene here. The
>> Germans filed it and used it in their program. The Talon
>> guys (one of them was Thierry Duchanauc, a scientologist
>> out of D.C) forced me off of the road when I was escorting
>> the Germans back to the freeway to Chicago. I have the
>> address and phone of Talon if you want it.

> So they were flying Thierry around the country? Personally
> handling the Germans? He must be a bigger wheel than I
> thought. Big enough so that he denies any connection with
> the organization itself.

Considering David Lee/Lebeau's and Thierry Duchaunac's employment at Talon, it's my belief that Talon is a subsidiary of OSA, retained as a separate organization solely for the purpose of maintaining plausible deniability.

As a public Scientologist in DC with OSA protesting the Enquete Commission in February, I was under the impression that Thierry was simply from OSA DC Invest: he was in charge of tailing the Enquete Commission around DC all day, and reporting their actions to OSA, walking around with his cell phone seemingly permanently glued to his ear, calling in the Germans' every move.

He was, staying at the Watergate (where the Germans were staying) in a nearby room, as well as tailing them throughout the city; he and John Terbush (OSA Invest DC) sat next to the Commission at luncheons and at the Watergate, eavesdropping. Sue Taylor called him "our guy at the Watergate." So, Thierry's *still*, last I knew, in charge of "handling the Germans." Sue

Thierry is absolutely in the employ of OSA, and I can't believe that Talon is *anything* but an OSA front maintained for plausible deniability.


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