Scientology Crime Syndicate

Andreas has rendered Kobrin Impotent

Oslo 18/11 1996
Daasgate 7 - 0259 OSLO
TELEFON 22 55 91 76
TELEFAX 22 55 69 03
MOBIL TLF: 94 25 82 33


Attorney at Law Helena K. Kobrin
2501 W. Burbank Blvd., Suite 309
Burbank, California

Tel. fax nr. 00 1 213 960 3508

Re: Andreas Heldal-Lund - copyright. Church of Scientology.

Reference is made to your telefax dated Nov. 17 th. I am not yet quite aware of my involvement in this matter, apart from the fact that I, like most decent people in the civilized and enlightened world, would like to observe the death and cremation of your client soonest possible.

My own crusade against your church started long time ago. As per to-day your "church" is close to bankrupcy in Norway - partly thanks to my efforts. A rather rewarding experience.

Please observe that English is not my mother tounge, and please observe that I only receive 3 pages of the voluminous telefax you maintain to have sent me. 22 pages are missing. Based on what is said above, I humbly ask you to have these 25 pages properly translated into Norwegian before sending them to me. Furthermore I ask you to give me specific references to the Norwegian laws you claim have been violated from Mr. Heldal- Lunds side - again in Norwegian.

My Norwegian counterpart, so far, has been Mr. John Arild Aasen, a Norwegian lawyer located in Oslo. He might take care of the practicalities mentioned above.

Finally, I do hope this dispute can find its solution before your "church", for very good reasons, is being hounded out of this country. Then we shall have no counterpart here to adress.

Please accept receipt of this telefax.

Best regards

Knut Vigeland

C.c.: Andreas Heldal-Lund

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