Subject: Re: Gay Teletubby?
: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:18:00 -0500 (EST)
From: Caroline Evans <ab523@osfn.org>

Hi Steve,

Well, I guess you're right.... It seems that Falwell wasn't the first one to decide a purple Teletubby is gay. Still, it seems to me its pretty ridiculous to ascribe much sexuality to cartoonish characters such as the Teletubbies, no matter who is doing it.

By the way... things do not whittle themselves down to just two sides... there is always a whole constellation of views and data to be considered when "figuring out" just about everything. But I figure you were just using a turn of phrase... rather than seriously suggesting that there are only two sides or views of every issue. That is a problem that I have with Falwell sorts... they really don't seem to have to firm an idea of what's going on around them. Pat Robertson is a prime example... I think he is clinically insane.... not merely a holder of viewpoints I often disagree with.

Superstition is insanity.... for many folks it is such a minor form of insanity it effects little but their choice of lottery numbers or they may feel an unreasonable aversion to stepping on sidewalk cracks.... but for a great many of the so-called "religious" they are plainly incapable of sorting reality out from imagination and speculation.

In common usage, many superstitions are considered to be religions... but I don't consider superstition to be religion... I relegate it to the realm of mental disorder... all of humanity is at risk when appreciable segments of the population cannot think rationally and instead substitute superstition and folk belief for clear thinking.

I am not a pure rationalist... I appreciate poetry and art and mysticism... but I know the difference between poetic/mystic abstraction and concrete reality. I know what is inside my head and what is outside of it and understand the interplay between external and internal life. A great many folks do not. They are dangerous to themselves and others... most particularly their children. They are forever teetering on the brink of irrational outburst and action against others based upon the most appalling misunderstanding of the nature of their own mind and of the world around them. They scare me... they are not fully sane and are liable to plunge into lunacy unpredictably. The Middle East is awash in such lunatics and the Middle East is a literal hell on earth becasue of it.



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