The "God Salvation Church" of San Dimas is moving to Garland, Texas, to await their flying saucer on March 25 which will take them to the Christian "heaven." At that time one of the Christian gods will make a television appearance which only people in the United States are going to be able to see. (Don't worry if you're not in the United States; I'm sure the Fox Network will video tape the appearance and faithfully re-transmit it all around the world.)

Today's 10:00 p.m. news report on 23/Dec/97 is the latest is a series of news reports covering investigations into this religion; investigations which began as the result of an inquiry into the claim that the church was holding a 17-year-old girl against her will. While the girl was found and remanded to her mother, officials said that there was no evidence of any crime.

KTLA News at 10 reported that most of the members of the San Dimas religion are from Taiwan. During the video section of the report there were cult members waving and showing photographs of jet contrails and clouds claiming they were evidence of flying saucers -- flying saucers which will take them to a "heaven."

An interview of a 14 or so year-old kid somewhere in San Dimas yielded the comment that the members of the religion are okay with him (even though most members of the San Dimas community are concerned) because it's "just freedom." The kid said that in America we all have the right to believe whatever we want.

I couldn't have agreed more -- the official word is that the members aren't planning to kill themselves so let them have their flying saucer ride. Of course when their gods fail to put in an appearance on schedule, perhaps they'll change their plans and expedite things along.

Everyone be sure to have a blank VCR tape ready to record on March 25'th.


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