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Subject: Re: ScenioSitter, anything happening now?
From: nick@zeta.org.au (Nick Andrew)
Date: 15 Jul 1998 00:19:38 +1000

In <35b750cd.29121138@> fun@thingy.apana.org.au (David Gerard) writes:

>On Mon, 13 Jul 1998 08:01:59 -0700, "Thaddeus J. Beier" <thad@hammerhead.com> wrote:
>:The ScienoSitter one is compiled with Borland's
>:compiler, is compiled with the debugging information intact (thanks!),


My previous article to a.r.s. did not propagate, so here it is again:

http://www.zeta.org.au is one of the sites forbidden to $cientologists who use the cult-approved censor ($cienositter, clam nanny, whatever you want to call it). Thank you cult, thank you Ho [and a pat on the head to the poodle]. The previous sentence is sarcasm, for those too dim-witted to tell.

Now that $cientology has taken the initiative of declaring my site off-limits to $cientologists I have a duty to inform all visitors to www.zeta.org.au of this. After all, I am doing the $cientologists a favour by warning them that www.zeta.org.au is a bad place, absolutely chokka full of entheta and other stuff which might enturbulate them. The previous sentence is sarcasm, for those too dim-witted to tell. The graphic button placed prominently at the bottom of the www.zeta.org.au main page will be seen by all visitors (and believe me, we get thousands of hits per month) and will explain exactly what the cult is doing. Everybody else, who generally thinks $cientology are a bunch of whackos, will learn exactly why this is so.

This is a huge, huge foot bullet for the criminal cult. How stupid! The cult has now stated to the world exactly what they're afraid of the most.

Look! No advanced material contents in the ban lists! How do they expect to prevent $cientologists from reading the NOTs, the glorious pile of fetid dog droppings which Hubbard, or maybe somebody else, penned? Not using this filter - the appropriate keywords aren't there. No! They're afraid of critics. Look at the names! Dennis Erlich, Wollersheim, Grady Ward. In a manner reminiscent of "1984", the cult aims to erase these names from the consciousness of their members. For what possible reason could an organisation wish to blot out Gerry Armstrong so completely that they censor even his first name? Gerry! Gerry! I can see the poodle quivering from here.

The cult hopes to make Dennis Erlich an unperson on the Internet through their censorware, and they hope this will limit his effectiveness. Fools! It merely shows how afraid, how terribly afraid they are of criticism, enquiry, revelation, condemnation and eventual incarceration.

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