Cannabis Science, Inc. – Scam Report – Preliminary Investigation Initiated

Is Cannabis Science, Inc. a Scam?

We will soon find out whether Cannabis Science, Inc. is really a scammer, or maybe not? Skepticism is a healthy doubt when faced with a lack of credible evidence, or lack thereof.

A community member has initiated a collaboration campaign to investigate, research, interview, gather evidence, and compile a comprehensive dossier on Cannabis Science, Inc.. This webpage will, therefore, help in consolidating all information with which you can draw logical and valid inferences and conclusions.

Who is Cannabis Science, Inc.?

FYI, Cannabis Science, Inc. is based at Irvine, CA United States. In this industry, nothing could ever surprise us anymore. So we want and see…

The Ongoing Investigation

In previous investigative reports on similar entities/individuals, the Skeptic Tank community unearthed serious issues related to –

  • Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Litigations and Lawsuits
  • Sexual Harassment Allegations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal Conspiracy

Whenever our esteemed contributors alert us of a serious allegation against a subject, we strongly suggest investigating the claims thoroughly before publishing the report. Once published, we do NOT allow any sort of editing, tampering, or removal of the report.

Submit Anonymous Tip

To facilitate our community members, we have designated this space for the (upcoming) report and discussion on Cannabis Science, Inc. and encourage you to contribute by submitting vital information or sharing this page.

If you would like to share your experience with Cannabis Science, Inc., submit an anonymous tip or add any document related to this investigation, you can do it by adding your comments below. Alternatively, you can communicate with the author(s) of the (upcoming) report by sending a direct message to the Moderators. If you rather contact the researchers via email, please message us at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with them.

All communication is encrypted and kept secure, and identities are protected. We do NOT share your details with anyone under any circumstances. 

In case no substantiative report is compiled based on the community effort, we will keep this space online for up to 180 days, after which it will be expunged.

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  1. I to have 6,150 shares with Cannabis Science and was advise to go to that site and was promise to see my shares on the trading market 1st week of March and to no avail of anything. If need be, I will make a special visit to the said Company location.

  2. I had 2040 shares myself, I’m sure there’s alot more out there in the same boat. I’ve emailed the CEO Raymond Dabney, here’s his reply to me back then 2/3/20:

    You should sign up on iCannabinoid.
    Our last News Release simply stated that we will be using to update everyone, Step by Step.
    I think you will find all the answers to all your questions in the Update BOX and/or Share Structure BOX to the left, you can’t miss it!
    All your shares will stay intact, and you have first rights to more if you still own them.
    We have been posting Step by Step updates on ever since the last day of trading.
    See you there!


    Raymond C. Dabney
    President & CEO, Co-Founder

    Cannabis Science, Inc.
    19800 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 300
    Irvine, California 92612

    T. +1.949.757.4144
    C. +1.778.288.1389

  3. I am holding 2,500 shares in this company and would like to know if there is anything I can do.

  4. Of course it’s a scam and I warned millions of people about such companies.

    Companies such as Cannabis Science Inc never wanted the American people to realize that their product is inherently defective and destructive to the human body. So many times,Cannabis companies use Marijuana promoting marketing agencies to create demand for a very toxic product that is largely unregulated so that they can make a quick buck during the hype and then get out just before reality hits and people start suffering from the damages their product caused. They use a gullible addicted populace to get their buyers to purchase all sorts of marijuana related merchandise and products only for the users to find out that the products don’t work and their own addiction too the product is what propels them to ignore the deadly facts about using marijuana. A number of the pushers of marijuana on YouTube and social media who declared the benefits of using pot have already succumbed to death and Cancers directly caused by smoking the drug.
    Meanwhile opportunists such as Joe Rogan who promote it marijuana legalization and obviously now experiences the mental compromise state of habitual use of marijuana, now he is selling brain enhancing vitamins and nutraceuticals to counteract all of the brain deteriorating effects of smoking all that weed and now is trying to make money off of selling all those brain enhancing supplements to those he deceived into smoking all that weed. What’s Americans in the vast majority of the world’s population wakes up and understands that the only use of marijuana legalization besides killing pain in terminal cancer patients is that it makes a populist too docile and tuned out to hold their thei government officials accountable for their lawlessness and incompetence, I am certain that there will be more than enough momentum toward recriminalizing the use and sell of dope for smoking or for ingesting.
    Marijuana (THC) makes people Sick, Stupid and Less safe. There’s is no justification, rationale nor reasonable argument to legalize a psychotropic Drug that: permanently lowers IQ by at least 8 percentage points, cause hallucinations, psychosis, memory loss, Lung Cancer, impaired Driving; causes schizophrenia and for some multiple personalities, contains over 33 Carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), Genetically alters the DNA of Male Sperm so that men Father Autistic Children, lowers the immune system, inspires LIFE LONG Panic Attacks, loss of executive function, inspires poor judgment, hijacks the fear/Flight mechanisms in the human nervous system and aids in human body loss of natural dopamine and gives them life long bouts of depression, birth defects; Causes suicidal thoughts and ideation, makes its users paranoid, a well known cause of Testicular Cancer, Myelodysplasia (Blood and Bone Marrow Cancer), destroys Male Testosterone levels making men weak, squishy and frail and makes its users smell pissy to all those who don’t smoke the mess.
    As a result of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from the bio-weapons lab in Wuhan communist China, all of these marijuana smokers now have compromised lung function and have become some of the most susceptible to die from the affects of covid-19. Now all of these marijuana pushing scam artists companies are collapsing financially as they’re dwindling consumer base is dropping dead in many ways than one and as reality hits the vast majority of Americans who realize that smoking and using weed cost them and their families more than they really intended to pay. It’s too bad that these people cannot Sue these companies for lying to them and deceiving them into putting a drug in their system that has over 33 carcinogens in it as well as causing so many life compromising effects. Shame on every politician and every organization and special interest group that has pushed the legalization of marijuana in pot in our cities states and Nation. They are a disgrace and are among the lowest organisms on this

  5. I have or had 80,000 shares of this company and it just stopped trading. Doesn’t the company owe the share holders something. What’s the deal with them?

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