• Whiskey & Wealth Club

    A Multi-Million Fraud Based on Lies

    The Whiskey & Wealth Club is the latest venture of James Bradley, a person who claims to be a serial entrepreneur but doesn’t disclose any details about his past. W&WC claims to help people invest in the long term gains of whiskey but there’s a huge difference between their claims and the reality. 

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  • QNET

    Many business opportunities are just a chain where a person is fooled and then that person is trained to fool others to earn money. Once a person has been fooled and they buy into the scam there is no turning back until they have lost most of their money. My subscribers have requested I take a look at the QNET business opportunity. Here is what I have found.

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  • Paycation

    One of the common scams in the business opportunity world is the online travel website scam.  It is a scam where you are charged an upfront fee and a monthly fee to gain access to a travel website program and to get commissions from people you recruit into the travel program.  My subscribers have requested I take a look into Paycation.  Here is what I have found.

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  • John Krambeer

    A Forgetful and Careless Financial Advisor

    John Krambeer is an unreliable and an unprofessional financial advisor. I don’t recommend his services to anyone. When I hired him I expected him to be at least punctual and sophisticated however he lacks both of these qualities.

    John is the founder of Camden Capital. He started that company in 2004 and before that.. Read More
  • Dynamic Solar

    I was contacted by Dynamic Solar for solar installation at my house. I’m kinda big in the renewable energy game and I do my best to help save the earth from all the pollution. But Dynamic Solar has made my life a living hell!

    They must’ve gotten my number and email from Instagram page where I post all of my awareness images and videos. But I’m not sure. First of .. Read More
  • Michael Allard

    Michael D Allard (Calbay Investments) Scams Old Folks. He lost My Dad His Retirement Funds and Vanished.

    Michael Allard convinced my dad to invest his retirement funds in a shady enterprise. My dad had hired Michael to manage his retirement funds and his 401k. You might know Michael as the principal of CalBay Investments. He lost my dad a lot of money by advising him to invest in a sh.. Read More
  • Steven Hefter

    Steven Hefter Called His Employee a N**GER

    Earlier this year, I was fired from Steven’s company, HLM Capital Management Group because Steven Hefter had called me a n*gger and I wanted him to apologize. He has temperament issues but more than that, he is a racist bigot who looks down on other races. Steven is a hateful person who judges people according to their .. Read More

  • Stephan Cassaday

    Poor Customer Service – Not Recommended

    All the stuff you read about Stephen Cassaday online is lies. That man has no idea how  to conduct himself in a meeting with a client. My experience with Stephen was very painful and ever since I got rid of that guy his company has been requesting me to meet with him again and  reconsider. I know for a fact that I would .. Read More

  • Reliant One Insurance Center

    Reliant One Insurance Center out of Carlsbad, CA is intentionally harming consumers through various unethical business practices. Not only will this fraudulent entity spam your phone will phone calls, texts, and emails, regardless if you’re a client or potential customer or not, they will flat out lie to you and take your hard-earned money. They operate under Reli.. Read More

  • Solar Soleil

    Solar Soleil are frauds! I’m stuck with a 15 year contract with them and the solar panels they’ve installed in our house are total [email protected] I came to know about Solar Soleil from one of my friends who was really into being eco-friendly. She told me that I should get solar panels for my house. I was told it would give me thousands of dollars of savings and I’ll be saving .. Read More

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