Dr Roger Bindra: Molested a Minor Patient, Sentenced for Probation



Roger Bindra is a doctor who was sentenced for probation after he was exposed for gross negligence.

He molested a minor female patient for multiple years under the guise of “medical checkups”. The monster was caught eventually but it didn’t prevent him from marketing himself as a reliable doctor.

Roger Bindra
A photo of the monster Dr Roger Bindra

Below, you will learn how Roger Bindra markets himself as a reliable paediatrician when in fact, he has a dangerous criminal past. Beware of this monster.

What Roger Bindra Claims to Be (Trying to Hide His Criminal Past)

This section is a collection of the marketing claims made by the PR team of Roger Bindra. Hence, read it with a grain of salt.

Doctor Roger James Bindra has offices in Mission Viejo and Orange in addition to his primary location in Anaheim, California. He has been working for 29 years. His areas of expertise include pediatrics and adolescent medicine. Involved with CHOC Children’s Hospital is Dr. Bindra. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Pediatrician Roger Bindra has several years of experience treating patients. His professionalism and expertise have garnered him notable credentials. He claims to be a wonderful resource for families dealing with asthma and allergy issues because he also specializes in treating these conditions.

Also, Dr. Bindra has actively participated in the Orange County American Lung Association organizing committee, lending leadership and direction to the advancement of public health programs in the area. Dr. Bindra has received numerous accolades in recognition of his contributions to the fields of asthma awareness and lung health throughout the years.

In order to demonstrate his high degree of dedication to his career, Roger Bindra has won numerous awards, including the Patients Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, and the Castle Connolly Top Doctor award from 2012 to 2016. Dr. Bindra has worked with the American Lung Association of Orange County’s planning committee for their annual asthma camp each year to make sure the kids who go receive all the attention and education they require while there. Also, Dr. Bindra is committed to his work and provides patients with top-notch care who want to treat their respiratory conditions like asthma better.

Effective ways by Roger Bindra to manage stress during his schooling

This is taken from a snippet posted by Roger Bindra’s PR team. Notice how he tries to market himself as a skilled pediatrician while trying to seem relatable. The man wants people to forget the fact that he is a child molester.

One of Roger Bindra’s most successful ways of managing stress during medical school and residency was listening to music. Several studies support this, demonstrating how music can assist reduce stress in general and stress related to school in particular. Students that are mentally clear can readily understand what they are taught. Students may accept, manage, and deal with mental health difficulties like exam anxiety more effectively if they use music to process their emotions, fortify their resolve, and uplift them.

Roger Bindra also emphasized the significance of game playing as a technique. Dr. Bindra recommended playing video games as a technique to boost academic performance because they aid develop memory. Dr. Bindra developed a quiz show during his residency utilizing the Jeopardy game show style because he is a game enthusiast. It was a quick 20-minute game that made challenging subjects simple to understand for other residents and pupils.

He enjoys doing magic acts for his patients and has a lot of expertise in treating asthma and allergies. He emphasizes working in collaboration with patients and their families to give the finest care and service since he believes that every child has unique needs. Given his background in medical school and residency, the safety of children will benefit greatly from his knowledge of how to study effectively.

Molestation, Gross Negligence and Other Crimes Done by Roger Bindra

Roger Bindra had performed several terrible acts on a minor patient.

Below are snippets of the document which highlight his crimes and what he exactly did.

Here’s the complete legal document if you want to learn more on the case:

Below are the programs he had to undergo after the legal proceedings:

  • Educational course
  • Professionalism Program (Ethics Course)
  • Professional Boundaries Program
  • Solo practice prohibition
  • Third-Party Chaperone and many more….

The first cause of discipline

(Gross Negligence)

Roger Bindra has been subject to disciplinary action under sections 2227 and 2234, as defined by section 2234, subdivision (b), of the code, because of the gross negligence Roger Bindra committed while caring for and treating patients as more specifically claimed below.

Patients initially appeared before the respondent for a wellness exam on or around February 2, 2015. At the time, the Patient was a female who was twelve years old. Patients started monarch a month previously and were essentially healthy, according to the medical data. According to the medical record Patient was at stage 4 for the public and breast areas out of 24 stages.

Roger Bindra MD

The second reason for discipline

(Repeated Negligent Act)

Roger Bindra has been subject to disciplinary action under sections 2227 and 2234, as defined by section 2234, subdivision ( c ), of the 5 code because he repeatedly engaged in negligent behavior while providing care and treatment for Patients, more specifically alleged here:

Roger Bindra MD

The third reason for discipline 

(Failure to maintain Adequate and Accurate Records)

The fact that the Roger Bindra failed to keep adequate treatment of the Patient, as more particularly alleged in paragraphs mentioned above, which are realleged incorporated by reference and realleged herein, has further subjected the respondent to disciplinary action under sections 2227 and 2234, as defined by section 2266 of the code.

Forth reason for discipline 

(Overall Unprofessional Behavior)

By engaging in conduct that violates the rules or ethical code of the medical profession, or conduct that is unbecoming of a member in good standing of the medical profession and that demonstrates an inability to practice medicine, as more specially alleged in paragraphs through above, respondent has further exposed his physician’s and Surgeons CertificatenNo. A 55101 to disciplinary action under sections 2227 and 2234 of the code.

Roger Bindra MD


All the charges and allegations contained in No.800-2018-042535 shall be deemed to be true, correct, and admitted by the respondent for the purpose of any Statement of issues or any other proceeding seeking to deny or reverse any license, certification, or petition for reinstatement of a license that responded maybe submit or resubmit to any other health care licensing action agency in the State of California or licensing restrictions.

Verdict on the Roger Bindra MD case

Court documentation indicates that in order to renew his licensing Roger Bindra has to go through a lot of proceedings.

He is clearly a monster and should not be trusted with any medical procedures.

Avoid associating with him or his medical clinics.



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