Kurt Sylvia

Disappointing Returns

Kurt Sylvia is a Portfolio Manager and Managing Director with JP Morgan Securities. He has decades of professional experience and serves ultra-high-net-worth clients. Kurt probably has the best credentials in the industry. However, all of this doesn’t mean he is a good FA. Over the years, his client service has degraded substantially. One of my relatives works with Kurt and I have seen it happen first-hand how terribly he treats them. Don’t believe all the praise you read about him on the internet. Kurt Sylvia is a very arrogant and rude person. He thinks very highly of himself and tries to make others feel as if they are inferior to him in some way. My relative has told me multiple times that they hate working with him but for some reasons, can’t get rid of his services. If they had known how terribly Kurt behaves with his clients, they wouldn’t have started working with the guy. 

Kurt is a senior finance professional. He has a large team of finance professionals always working for him. On top of that, he has the brand authority of JP Morgan Securities, and stellar credentials. But all of this doesn’t negate the need for excellent client service. When you work with ultra-high-net-worth clients, you shouldn’t let your ego decide your behaviour. My relative doesn’t say anything to him because he doesn’t take criticism professionally. Otherwise, they would have shared their concern with him a long time ago. I have shared this review here because I had enough of all this. There are many FAs in the industry and Kurt isn’t the only one out there. He should respect his clients and treat them like his equal. This is no way for a financial advisor to behave. 

I have seen him talk to my relative on the phone and during meetings too. In both instances, I have sensed that Kyle acts as if my relative doesn’t know anything about finances or investing. He acts as if he knows everything there is to know about finance and so, my relative should never question his recommendations. 

I always thought FAs focus on providing great client service. But the way Kurt acts with his client, my opinion of financial advisors has changed. I no longer think they are as reliable as they claim to be. They certainly aren’t that much focused on their clients too. 

Everyone has some self-respect. No one expects their FA to behave as if they know everything. It’s unprofessional. I’m quite certain that Kyle Sylvia’s subordinates know all this but even if he would confront them, they wouldn’t tell him anything. Because no one wants to risk their job. Why would they tell their boss something he doesn’t want to hear, especially when they know that he doesn’t like criticism?

I am writing this review here so others wouldn’t make the mistake my relative made. There are many renowned FAs in the US. You can easily find one who respects you, listens to you, understands you, and most importantly, acts like a financial advisor. I wouldn’t recommend working with the Sylvia Wealth Management Group or Kurt Sylvia. They are unprofessional and unreliable. 

Kurt has a lot of wealth and connections. His team ensures that no one finds out about such stuff. You can look him up online, you wouldn’t find any reviews of his service. Why? Because his team wouldn’t let them surface. I hope my review reaches the right eyes. It would make a lot of difference. Not only that, but I also hope that the people at Sylvia Wealth Management would take its criticisms professionally and improve their services. 

Kurt Sylvia Review: Conclusion

Even though I have written a detailed review of Kurt Sylvia, I don’t think he’s changing any time soon. That’s why I don’t recommend working with the Sylvia Wealth Management Group. There are plenty of service providers who value their clients. You don’t have to work with someone who tries to make you feel inferior to him all the time. 

Kurt Sylvia has a big ego and doesn’t like criticism. He tries to make his clients feel inferior to him in some way. I don’t recommend his services.

3.3 Total Score

I don’t recommend working with the Sylvia Wealth Management Group. There are plenty of service providers who value their clients. You don’t have to work with someone who tries to make you feel inferior to him all the time.

  • Egoistic
  • Self-obsessed
  • Not recommended
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