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Biggest Scammers in the Cannabis Industry

This year wasn’t good for me. I hired Canna Advisors and paid a huge price for it. They are overpriced, irresponsible, and lying pieces of trash. I paid them thousands of dollars to help me with the branding of my startup and they ruined everything. I thought they are prominent people with a strong brand but they are only a bunch of scammers. Honestly, I don’t recommend their services to anyone as a past client. 

Canna Advisors are scammers who do low-quality work. They delayed my business launch by many months and charged me XXXXX!

I hired Canna Advisors for my Startup

I found out about Canna Advisors through one of my friends. She had suggested their name because she knew I was working on a cannabis startup. However, she had never contacted them or had done any work with them. Even though I have sufficient expertise in app development and programming, I don’t have much knowledge of branding and related fields. Canna Advisors are business consultants who assist companies with branding, marketing, and the related stuff, so I got interested in hiring them. 

Their response to my enquiry was surprisingly quick, and their representative talked very properly. So I got an appointment with them and after the meeting, I decided to get their services. Their pricing was on the higher end of my expectations but so far, there wasn’t much to dissuade me from using their services.

When I googled Canna Advisor reviews, I didn’t find anything, which was suspicious but didn’t matter much. After all, they are very expensive and it wouldn’t be surprising for them to have very few clients in their portfolio. This is one of the biggest reasons why I’m writing this review here. Canna Advisors are a prominent name in the industry, yet there aren’t any reviews of their services. And that is so because these people don’t know anything about professionalism. They are scammers, nothing more. But I won’t divert from the topic. Let me first share my experience then I’ll point out the problems present in their services.

After I Hired Them:

While everything was going well before I had paid them, as soon as they got a contract from me, things turned sour. The representative from Canna Advisors had urged me to get a 6-month contract minimum. I didn’t want to make such a huge commitment because it cost me more than $XXXXX. On top of that, I hadn’t tried their services yet so I had no idea how they would perform. Like I mentioned before, these people have no reviews online so there was no way for me to find out if they would be worth the investment. 

I told them that I wanted to test their services first but the rep told me that they don’t work like this. She kept urging me to buy the 6-month subscription of their services. According to her, it would be the most affordable package because they had an offer running on it.

Now I know that I should have never paid those guys more than $XXXXX like this. These guys don’t deserve even a penny let alone thousands of dollars. Anyway, I gave in and bought their services for 6 months.

Those 6 months were the worst ever! Paying those people was among the biggest expenditures of my business and the entire payment went into the drain. 

How Canna Advisors Ruined My Startup

I had many arguments with the people at Canna Advisors. And they happened for various reasons but the primary ones are these:

Terrible Website

My startup needed a website and according to their branding experts, it was the most critical aspect of my brand. Web development was also the most expensive service in my invoice. So I expected them to provide me with an excellent website. They took 4 months to develop the site and claimed that it would look amazing and have plenty of features. Their representatives had discussed the website and its design with me at multiple meetings. It was a big thing and I hoped they would give me an amazing website. But even after spending XX grand, I got a terrible website. It looked like something you’d get by paying a Kenyan agency. The website was nothing more than a simple WordPress theme with my company’s name added to key areas. 

All the designs and features we had discussed in the previous meetings were nowhere to be found. I can’t share the website’s screenshot here but I would say that the site looked too terrible to be a startup’s website. It certainly wasn’t worth XX grand. When the guy from Canna Advisors sent me the website, I thought he was joking. But no, they were serious. It was the final product. After waiting for 4-months, all I got was a horrible low-effort website that didn’t have much to offer. 

I told them that I didn’t like the website but they claimed that it was perfect for my brand. These people don’t believe in the ‘customer is always right’ notion. I had paid them a substantial amount and I expected them to give me a professional product. It was obvious that they outsourced the web development to another agency which was much lower in quality. 

Numerous Delays

The trashy website they developed for me in 4 months had a different deadline. They had promised me that they’ll develop it within 2 months. Then they told me that it’ll take them 2 more weeks to complete the website because they were working on some ‘widgets’. It kept going on for several months and they ended up taking 2 more months than the promised deadline. 

That wasn’t all. These people had to come up with a content strategy, a detailed plan for launching my business digitally, and perform a whole lot of other tasks. In those 6 months, they delivered only on the website and the content strategy. 

There’s a phrase in the service sector, “Underpromise and overdeliver”. But I don’t think Canna Advisors know much about it. They think it means “Overpromise and don’t deliver”. The 6 months I worked with them were the worst, I’m telling you. 

They kept making excuses and delayed my website launch by so long that I started considering dropping the project. It takes a lot of resources to prepare a launch and because of their lethargic approach, my entire plans were disturbed. I didn’t know what to do with these guys. 

Irresponsible Attitude

It doesn’t surprise me that Canna Advisors have 0 reviews on their services. All of their clients must have been tired of their nonsense. But not everyone has the time to write a review. I’m writing it here because I don’t want any other entrepreneur to fall prey to this scam!! 

After developing a 2000’s-era website and delaying my business launch by a year, these people claimed that they would need some more time but the end result would be worth it. They didn’t accept any mistakes and weren’t apologetic at all. Instead, they acted like I was making a wrong decision by not extending my subscription and paying them an additional sum of XX,XXX.

They thought I’m stupid. I ignored any of their suggestions and requests because I didn’t want to waste any more of my money. Even though I had complained about the website’s quality, they claimed it was suitable according to my industry. It was NOT!

These people don’t accept their mistakes and keep demanding more money to fix issues they generated themselves

I have worked with several agencies and service providers, and it was the first time I crossed paths with someone as incomptent as these guys. 

Canna Advisors Review: Conclusion

They are scammers. Canna Advisors charges you tons of thousands and under delivers all the time. They don’t accept their mistakes and keep pressuring you into buying more of their services. 

These people will outsource most of the tasks to some unknown third-world-country-agency. And when you’re paying someone XXXXX, you don’t expect such pathetic nonsense. I’m urging anyone who is reading this – AVOID CANNA ADVISORS AT ALL COSTS!

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