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Russ Ruffino: Clients on Demand Review – Is it Worth the Cost?

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Do you have an online business and would like to get better-paying clients? Would you like to expand in a smart way?


Russ Ruffino has set up Clients on Demand. They will teach you methods to cut down on endless marketing and teach you to focus on finding fewer, but better-paying clients.

This program is not for newbies. You should already be an experienced coach or consultant in order to get the most out of this course.

Russ Ruffino: Introduction

Russ Ruffino
Russ Ruffino: Clients on Demand Review

Russ describes the process thus, “Clients on Demand will teach you how to command the rates you want, and reach out to people who really want your services. The plan is to work with 40-50 clients per month, charge them $3,000 – $10,000, and work with them 100% online.”

This all sounds very promising, so I will investigate further…

Have you ever dreamed of being rich? A big house with a luxury car outside and a yacht in the harbor?

It seems impossible right now, doesn’t it?

Well, I can tell you it is possible with the right business set-up, the right training and plenty of hard work.

Join me… I will study Clients on Demand further and review all of the details in full. This could be a business opportunity to change your life!

The information you require is just a few scrolls away…

Clients on Demand: Worth the Cost?

Clients on Demand

There are courses which are similar to Clients on Demand, but nothing that is quite the same. There are a lot of unique elements, both good and bad.

You may be thinking, what’s different about Russ Ruffino – is it a scam?

I will answer that a bit later after my review, but the company has plenty of positive feedback online and has won some awards for their fast growth. This does suggest that they are credible.

The bigger questions are – will I actually learn anything and will I get value for money?

I will explore these questions further and address them later in my review.

Review of the Pros and Cons of Clients on Demand

As this is a slightly different business course than most others available I want to understand it clearly by going through the positives and negatives associated with it. First up, the pros. These include:

  • The support process for Clients on Demand is excellent. They concentrate on helping you every step of the way, from setting up the content for your webinars to Facebook campaigns etc. They work with you on a human level also, so you can eliminate doubts, work harder and get through tough times and stay positive and motivated. I found this hugely encouraging and made me feel I was not alone in growing my business and that someone always had my back. There is always someone to turn to for advice. There is a full team to offer you “ongoing mindset support.”
  • The process they teach is remarkably simple. It is just four steps: list a Facebook Ad… which leads to a Webinar Registration Page…  hold the Webinar… make a Phone Call to sign up the client. This is the same method that Clients on Demand use and they claim massive profits. I can see the potential of this system. If you attract enough applicants to the webinar you only need a fairly small percentage to sign up and you will be in profit. The best part is that this can run 100% online.
  • I thought the coursework was extremely well put together and I was impressed with their content about using Facebook and the importance of getting the copy for advertising right. They even have a copywriter on hand to analyze what you do. This is one of the strong points for Clients on Demand in my opinion.

Some Positives for Clients on Demand

We have seen some decent positives for what Russ Ruffino is offering, so for the sake of balance, let’s look at the cons. These include:

  • Clients on Demand do not follow your progress as well as they should. If you don’t schedule a call when they ask you to there is no follow up, it just passes by. I also got notifications congratulating me on passing parts of the course when I hadn’t completed it.
  • There is a dimension to their system that reminds me of multi-level marketing. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but what happens when you hold a webinar for all of the people your Facebook Ads attract, and then the people you sign up do the same, and the process continues? Eventually, there are no new people to sign up, right? This means this is not a feasible long term business model.
  • It seems to me there is something strange about the company employees. I checked out LinkedIn and most are not listed there or make no mention of Clients on Demand. This aroused my suspicion, so I checked further. The website does not list a registered company address, there are no company email or individual staff email addresses listed. It all seems very strange. It almost seems as if this is a tiny operation trying to appear to be a big deal. They really give the impression of being evasive.
  • The sales call they make to persuade you to enroll can come across as extremely scripted and overly aggressive. I was not impressed with whomever it was that called me, and I only signed up as I was interested in learning about this business model.
  • The price they charge to enroll can be an issue for some people. Personally I didn’t have too much of an issue with it, but for someone still struggling or fairly new to their industry it is a lot of money to find. I suggest you keep an eye out for some promo deals or special offers.

This course is a real mixed bag, a mixture of awesome and disappointing!

Please keep reading… I am about to give my final verdict…

Conclusion about Russ Ruffino’s Course

I was intrigued to try this course, as I had been impressed by an interview Russ Ruffino had given. It seemed like something different. Unfortunately, I didn’t think I was getting good value overall. It is certainly not a scam in my opinion and I am sure it does work out for some people and they are a legit outfit as they provide the coursework they claim to, but the lack of organization bothered me

In some ways doing this course was a really strange experience. Some parts were excellent like the course content, whereas others seemed completely disorganized. I think Russ Ruffino seems like a good guy with boundless energy, but in my opinion, he needs to improve his staff.

What’s the real story?

I have some doubts about the company’s real size and employees. Something’s not right about the way they present themselves, it all seems too evasive. Am I supposed to believe that the “expert” coaches who will train me to charge large fees to select clients can’t put a decent LinkedIn profile on the web?

I suspect Clients on Demand are not as big or professional as they like to portray.

Bottom line?

I cannot recommend Clients on Demand as I doubt their true expertise and I remain unconvinced that their methods will work.

If you wish to improve your ability to find well-paying clients I suggest you invest your time, effort and money in one of the other courses available online.

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