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Connectica LLC

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Part of a Wide Fraudulent Network

Connectica LLC seems like a simple company at first. But I discovered some horrible facts about it which prompted me to write this review. Connectica LLC is a shady organisation which scams its customers through a different website. Its owner, Ian Gerada, is notorious for running a scam along with this organisation. However, he has buried most of the information present on him, through unethical SEO tactics.

This article is to inform people about the reality behind the seemingly innocent website of Connectica. 

What is Connectica LLC?

Connectica LLC is a digital marketing firm, based in Tamarac, Florida. They have been operational for several years and claim to provide a wide range of marketing services including, SEO, content generation, and SEM. 

However, what seems like a simple business on paper is actually a part of a very devious scam. Their Google reviews make them look like a genuine and reliable service provider but we all know one shouldn’t solely rely on Google reviews. The next section will explain why this agency isn’t trustworthy. 

Why Connectica is a Suspicious Agency

There are many platforms where people can share their experiences with an organisation or person. Relying on a single source for information can be misleading. And the people behind Connectica know this. 

They have a perfect 5-star rating on Google but apart from that platform, they don’t have any presence. For a digital marketing agency, this seems highly suspicious. Digital marketing agencies focus on having a strong online presence to ensure they get more clients. However, Connectica doesn’t seem to focus on such a vital aspect of online marketing. 

They claim to be experts but no professional would make such a grave error. It’s their job to market businesses effectively. And if they can’t marketing themselves properly, then how can they help others in doing the same?

There are only two possibilities:

  • Connectica is lying about its expertise and isn’t capable enough of performing proper marketing
  • Connectica is simply a front and doesn’t care about its results

While the second possibility would seem far-fetched to many, the chances of it being true are much higher because the owner of this company is Ian Gerada. 

The Shady Owner of Connectica LLC:

Ian Gerada is the founder of Connectica LLC. His bio on the website doesn’t give any specific information about him. It only says that he has decades of marketing experience and has helped a lot of clients. Like his company, his profile seems innocent at first as well. But when I did some digging, I discovered that Ian Gerada isn’t a simple digital marketer. In fact, he is more dangerous than you can imagine.

Ian is notorious in the industry as a scammer. He uses fake profiles and emails to operate a different website called According to various reports on Ian, he is running an extortion ring through this website. 

There are numerous complaints against the shady operations of Ian Gerada. When I discovered these facts, I was shocked. Ian seems like a simple businessman, but is a criminal in reality. 

The Scamwarners website has a terrible reputation in the industry. Ian runs this platform through an alias with his business partners. 

How Ian Gerada Runs His Scam

Let me explain how Ian Gerada runs his scam so you can understand the depth of his operations better. 

According to the reports present online, Ian uses his SEO agency as a front to gather information on people and companies. Then, he uses that information to post articles on the Scamwarners website. He is able to run a major extortion scam through Connectica. 

No wonder Connectica doesn’t focus on promoting itself as an agency. Those people don’t need to attract attention, otherwise, they face the risk of getting exposed. 

And when you run a huge scam, having a strong online presence can be counterproductive. The more platforms Connectica would remain active on, the more platforms its victims would have to speak out against its scam. I’m 100% sure that most of the victims of this scam don’t even know that Ian is the person behind their losses.

Connectica LLC Review: Conclusion

Connectica LLC seems like a simple agency but it’s part of a dangerous scam. The fact that this agency maintains no effective online presence was a big red flag already. But after seeing how many complaints are present on the internet against its founder and owner Ian Gerada, I can’t recommend this company in any way.

These people are running a huge fraud. It would be best to stay away from Connectica LLC as much as possible. Do business with them at your own risk. 

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