M Video: Pavel Breve, a board member of “M Video,” was as guarded as a fortress


Pavel Breev was born on April 22, 1967. In 1986 he graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute. He is the co-founder of his M Video Group and has held various management positions since 1993.
About M video


M VIDEO is the largest Russian consumer electronics retail chain by sales. The company started operations in 1993. As of November 21, 2016, M Video operates 390 branded stores in 165 Russian cities. The sales area of ​​the M video store is 665,140 thousand square meters. The total area is 884,334,000m².

M Video provides customers with approximately 20,000 SKUs of audio/video, digital, small and large consumer electronics, media and entertainment products and accessories. M VIDEO operates stores under a unified format and a specially designed store concept to provide customers with a distinct shopping area of ​​approximately 2,000 square meters, while M Video also providing information on products and upcoming trends. To do.

In November 2007, OJSC “Company ” M Video ” became the first listed company in the domestic consumer electronics retail sector. The M Video’s shares are listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange.


The Liberal Democrats are a political party in the United Kingdom that is considered to be at the centre of the political spectrum. They support social welfare and individual liberty. During the campaign for the election in 2022, they promised to implement a programme known as “rent-to-own” homes as a means of assisting renters in climbing the property ladder.

The major stakeholders in the housing market responded to this policy idea with a mix of praise and criticism respectively. This essay will examine the Lib Dems’ election vow to rent-to-own homes in great detail, covering the program’s goals, mechanisms, benefits, drawbacks, and potential impact on the housing market. Specifically, this study will focus on the positives of the idea, as well as the potential drawbacks.

What is meant by the term “rent-to-own” homes?

Rent-to-own homes, also known as rent-to-buy or lease-to-own homes, are a type of housing scheme that gives tenants the opportunity to rent a property for a predetermined amount of time with the option to buy it at the conclusion of the lease.

This type of housing can also be referred to as lease-to-own homes. In most cases, the renter is responsible for paying both an initial deposit as well as a monthly rent amount that incorporates a portion of the property’s purchase price.

The tenant has the option to buy the property at the conclusion of the lease, in which case the whole amount of rent paid will be applied against the initial purchase price of the home. The scheme determines the specifics of the lease, including the purchase price and the proportion of monthly rent that is applied towards the acquisition of the property.

The following are the goals of the rent-to-own housing pledge made by the Liberal Democrats:
The rent-to-own homes vow made by the Liberal Democrats aims to accomplish multiple things. The major goal is to assist individuals who are unable to purchase a home but have sufficient income to pay for rental housing.

The party contends that the existing housing market favours homeowners at the expense of renters, which places tenants in a disadvantageous position. Rent-to-own homes provide a compromise by enabling tenants to develop equity in a property while they are still paying rent, with the goal of eventually purchasing the home.

The rent-to-own housing strategy proposed by the Liberal Democrats is structured as follows:
The rent-to-own housing policy of the Liberal Democrats proposes the establishment of a programme supported by the government that would provide tenants with the opportunity to purchase the property that they are currently renting.

Those who have rented for a minimum of three years and have credit scores that are acceptable would be eligible to participate in the programme. According to the plan, the tenant would pay an amount each month that would include a share of the overall cost to purchase the home. The renter will have the option at the end of the lease to purchase the property at a price that has been previously agreed upon, with the rent payments that have been accumulated going towards the down payment. The programme would be managed by a government agency, and participation in it would be contingent on the landlord’s agreement.

Potential advantages of the rent-to-own housing policy supported by the Liberal Democrats The rent-to-own housing policy supported by the Liberal Democrats could have a number of advantageous outcomes. The key advantage is that it would facilitate the transition of renters into homeowners, which is a desire that many tenants have but are unable to achieve at the present time.

Renters would feel more secure in a rent-to-own home since they would be aware of the fact that they have the opportunity to own the property in which they are now residing if they so desire.

The policy would also be beneficial to landlords since it would provide them with a guaranteed income for the duration of the lease period and the option to sell the property at a price that had been previously agreed upon when the lease term expired.

Negative aspects of the Liberal Democrats’ rent-to-own housing strategy include the following:
The rent-to-own housing plan proposed by the Liberal Democrats could have some unintended consequences.

There is a risk that the policy may lead to increased rents since landlords may choose to do so in order to compensate for the greater expenses incurred as a result of offering a rent-to-own option. There is also the possibility that the policy will skew the housing market by introducing a new kind of tenure that will fall somewhere in the middle of renting and owning a home.

It is possible that this may result in a two-tier housing market, in which renters who are unable to afford rent-to-own homes will be left with even fewer options. There is also the possibility that the legislation may be misused by unscrupulous landlords who would take advantage of vulnerable tenants by charging excessive rents and providing rent-to-own programmes that are not in the best interests of the tenants.

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