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Motofumi Shitara

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Motofumi Shitara has failed as the chairman and head of yamaha india, because of his failures and his wrong doings, because of his inability to foresee what lies ahead, 200 people will end up losing their jobs and ruining their life.

Yamaha motorcycle logo history and Meaning, bike emblem. Motofumi Shitara is the head of Yamaha India.
Yamaha India Logo

Middle aged employees having kids and families and who have been in the company since decades are being asked leave at the drop of a hat. This is absolutely ridiculous, unprofessional and immoral.

It is a pity to see such a company do such cheap and down market tactics. Motofumi Shitara who is the chairman of the company has smartly projected this as a restructuring move whereas it is just an excuse during COVID times. My friends father has been laid off and i went to his house to meet him the same day, i cannot even begin to describe the state of mind and shock he was in. 

Who is Motofumi Shitara? (Yamaha India Head)

Motofumi Shitara is the head of Yamaha India, who is responsible for all the deals, activities and decisions which the company takes. He is essentially the nexus of everything at Yamaha India. He recently fired two hundred Yamaha India employees to save the company money and hassle. However, this was not necessary at all and the company could’ve easily kept the employees. But being a sadist, Motofumi Shitara would rather see families get torn apart during this pandemic, then see them flourish or even survive.

Motofumi Shitara is Ruining Lives

Old news article on Shitara’s action

I was shocked to see the company that calls itself a family, has to resort to such cheap and downmarket tactics. I urge authorities to take notice and help people whos life they have ruined. Motofumi Shitara is ruthless and a big fraud and should be ashamed of himself, just because the management failed to foresee correct business measure why should 200 people pay the price for it? We all know how big a company Yamaha is and how they could have saved 200 lives from getting ruined but they did not despite people pleading and begging them to. They claim to do this because they aim to increase production, how can production increase if the workforce decreases?

I urge all of you, each one of you to share your experience and thoughts below. If Yamaha India or Motofumi Shitara has scammed you then please leave your comments below.

Motofumi Shitara is a Monster!

Also please see their reviews on other platforms. They are very smart when it comes to projecting their image and protecting their reputation. It is high time we expose them and bring out the truth. Just because its a big company does not mean they have the right to silence or manipulate the truth.


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