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Nubank lost me R$X,XXX!

Nubank is a fraud who steals from clients! They add unspecified charges to your credit cards and then force you to pay! I lost R$X,XXX because of Nubank and its terrible policies. Nubank does not have any customer support or any other kind of communication channel. So if you are a customer who wants to contact Nubank and complain about your issues, you can’t. 

I was one of their earliest credit card customers. The thing is, I wouldn’t have even applied for their credit card if I knew what was going to happen with me. There are many other credit card providers, I could have gotten one from them, but I was already using a Nubank account so I thought I would apply for one through them. 

Before all of this I really liked Nubank. They don’t charge anything for using their bank account and are easily accessible through the app. But after this incident, I don’t think I can ever recommend their services to anyone. Nubank is a complete fraud, and is definitely not someone you should trust. 

When I got my credit card from Nubank a few months ago, I was quite interested in using it. I had also enrolled in their rewards program which made me eligible for many discounts and offers. However, when the time came to pay the instalments, I noticed that they were quite higher than my expectations.That month, I paid the high instalment without any complaints but when it happened again, I tried to contact the customer support of Nubank. I wanted to find out why my installments were so big in size. There was no explanation on their website and the app so there was no method to find out the truth.

First I contacted them through the app. I waited for a week but they didn’t respond to my query. To be honest, I was hopeful that they would reply readily. Although I had never felt the need to contact their customer support, I hoped they would provide great customer service because they were new. But they definitely don’t care about their customers. 

After the app, I tried to give them a call. They picked up the call but I got an automated response from a machine. The machine kept me on hold for 30 minutes and then I hung up. At that time I thought they were having some trouble in processing customer support queries so I called them a week later. I had to pay them the instalment although I didn’t like paying the extra X,XXX. 

Nubank’s customer support is the worst

Because even though I remained patient and called them thrice, they would always put me on hold. These people have no one waiting on the other end of the call, it’s just an automated machine so if you face any problem, you can’t talk to anyone. I have canceled my credit card after I realized that they kept adding unspecified charges to my card. No one should risk doing business with Nubank!

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