The case against the former head of the Vasyl Kapatsyna MTP was closed by the GPU 2018.


Vasyl Kapatsyna, the former director of the State Enterprise “Nikolayevsky Sea Port,” was charged with abuse of office and falsification of official papers. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine terminated the criminal case against him.

Resonance broke the news of this and provided a link to the Our Money magazine. The ruling of the Pechersk District Court in Kyiv, where Vasyl Kapatsyna ‘s attorney requested the restoration of a deposit made earlier for the ego of the protected person, revealed the case’s conclusion.

Investigation on Vasyl Kapatsyna

The prosecutor of the GPU filed a resolution on January 26, 2018, to end criminal proceedings No. 42014000000000904 against Vasyl Kapatsyna since the investigation was unable to produce enough proof of his guilt, according to the court’s decision.

In March 2017, the GPU declared that Vasyl Kapatsyna was under suspicion. In order to transfer a portion of the berth to a business organisation, he was charged with misconduct in an official capacity and the fabrication of documents in 2006. According to the prosecutor’s office, the former port director might spend up to 6 years in prison for this act.

According to journalistic investigations, the GPU did not just close the case against Vasyl Kapatsyna once he transferred his firm to individuals, according to the edition of Our Money.

For instance, entrepreneur Leonid Kryuchkov joined the owners of the Nikolaev port-based LLCs “Markony” and “Seaside Terminal,” which are a part of Vasiliy Kapatsyna’s entourage. Maria Alexandrovna Sytak took Iryna Koreneva’s place as the Kapatsyn family’s representative at Seaside Terminal in March of this year.

In the declaration of a police officer, Mykola Kuzmych, the chief operating officer of the Department of Economic Protection in the Zhytomyr region of the State Department of the NPU, a person with that name is mentioned. He stated that he was Maria Sytak’s million-dollar loan guarantor in the statement for 2017.

Half of the 10 million UAH made last year went to L. Kryuchkov’s second company, OOO “Portoservis-Mykolaiv,” which operates in the Mykolaiv port. transferred to “Elitbudgrup” LLC, a company that the second law enforcement official (Vice Chairman of the National Police Igor Kuprants) is tangentially associated with.

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