Was Fred Astaire Gay?

Was Fred Astaire Gay?

Did Fred Astaire have gay tendencies? Are there any grains of truth to the stories concerning his sexuality? Stay tuned to find out more!

Fred Astaire was an accomplished actor and a well-known personality on television. Fred is also well-known for his abilities in the areas of singing, dancing, and choreography; in fact, he has been given the title of “one of the finest dancers in the history of film.” In addition to this, he had spent the previous 76 years working in the film and television industries.

Fred received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1981 in recognition of his acting career, which included roles in films and musicals such as “On the Beach,” “Midas Run,” “The Purple Taxi,” and “Three Little Words.”

Let us gain an in-depth understanding of the late actor’s legacy, shall we?

Was Fred Astaire a homosexual?

No, Fred Astaire did not identify as a gay man. Phyllis Potter was his wife for many years. In a similar vein, they were blessed with the birth of two children: Fred Astaire Jr. and Ava Astaire-McKenzie.

On the internet, people have been spreading allegations for some time now that Fred is gay, and these rumours have been making the rounds. Some of the actor’s devoted followers are of the opinion that he was forced to conceal his sexual orientation because of the era in which he lived and the profession he had. In addition, a variety of speculations surrounding his sexuality can be found floating around on the internet.

Given that Fred was married to both Phyllis Potter and Robyn Smith, it is reasonable to conclude that he did not identify as a gay man.

Actor Fred Astaire and his partner in the film “The Gay Divorcee”

Fred Astaire wed Phyllis Potter in 1933, and the wedding took place. As was just stated, the couple shares parental responsibilities for two children. Phyllis passed away in 1954, and the couple remained together till her passing. In point of fact, throughout the previous twenty-one years, they had been there for each other through thick and thin.

Later in life, Astaire tied the knot with Robyn Smith. They went through with the wedding in 1980. At the time of their marriage, Fred was 81 years old, while Robyn was only 35 years old. The age gap between the pair was 43 years.

When it comes to Robyn, she used to be a jockey in the past. 1973 marked the year when she became known as the first female jockey in history to win a stakes race. Robyn was considered to be one of the most accomplished jockeys of her era, and she was featured in a variety of publications, including Sports Illustrated. In point of fact, the New York Turf Writers Association made the decision in the 1970s to award her for her work.

She hung up her athletic shoes for good on August 9, 1980. Following the passing of her spouse, she developed an interest in flying and went on to acquire her pilot certification.

The Sexuality of Fred Astaire

On the internet, one may find a variety of theories and conjectures surrounding the sexual orientation of Fred Astaire, but none of them appear to be true. It is possible that his role in the film “The Gay Divorcee” contributed to the spread of allegations regarding his sexuality.

On the other hand, we can deduce from Fred’s life that he was a man who identified as heterosexual.

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