Who is 21 Savage’s Brother Quantivayus Joseph?

Who is 21 Savage’s Brother Quantivayus Joseph?

Brother of British rapper 21 (real name: Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph), Quantivayus Joseph was also known as Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. During a botched attempt to buy drugs, rapper 21 aka 21 Savage’s brother Quantivayus was gunned down and died.

Name – Quintivayus Joseph
Age –
Gender Male
Height –
Citizenship of the United Kingdom.
The rapper is someone’s occupation.
Heather Carmilla Joseph (mother) and Kevin Cornelius Emmons are the children’s parents (father)
4 brothers and 6 sisters make up the family.
In addition to this, it was recently reported that Terell Davis, another brother of Rapper 21, was murdered on November 22, 2020, in Brixton, England. This news came to light not too long ago. Terell was also a rap artist, and he used the stage name TMI Way when he performed. Before he was viciously stabbed to death, he is said to have been involved in a violent altercation with someone, as reported by News24.com.

In the next article, some information concerning the brother of the rapper 21 known as Quantivayus Joseph will be discussed.

Quantivayus Joseph: ten interesting facts about him
Joseph Quantivayus was born in the United Kingdom. He is of a racially and culturally diverse heritage yet holds British citizenship. Heather Camilla Joseph (his mother) and Kevin Cornelius Emmons are his parents. He is their son (father). The Dominican Republic and Haiti are where Joseph’s parents were born and raised. At the moment, his parents do not live together. Quantivayus is one of a large number of siblings in his family, in addition to himself. Kyra and Jayda Davis Dance, Joseph’s twin sisters, are both very skilled and accomplished choreographers. They are members of Joseph’s dance family. Quantivayus Joseph, the brother of Rapper 21, was also fondly referred to as Tay man. In terms of his age, it is possible that he was in his 20s when he passed away. Rapper 21 was his older brother. Usatoday.com, a well-known website, broke the news that the famous rapper 21 got a dagger tattooed on his face in memory of his late brother in the form of an homage to the man who had been his brother. To give just a few examples, he has had troubles with his drug conviction, immigration charge arrests, and theft by deception accusations.

Who is 21 Savage’s Brother Quantivayus Joseph?
Who is 21 Savage’s Brother Quantivayus Joseph?

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