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Maker of the most useless course EVER

A30 under 30 entrepreneur and a big inspiration to many, Sam Ovens is nothing more than a cheapstake who lies regularly and follows unethical practices. He has made a fortune selling courses on client acquisition and business growth. But the main problem is, it doesn’t matter whether his students succeed or not.

Sam Ovens is an irresponsible teacher and a lying scum. He has betrayed many people, he runs a scamming company and his courses give you nothing. His business model, is based on giving you a highly costing course and give you a useless plan to follow.

You’ll end up panicking because of hte various tasks the courses tell you to do and even if you do everything they say, there’s no guarantee taht you’ll succeed. Sam Ovens’ courses are not only a waste of money but also of time and resources.

I can say this because I had taken one of his courses myself. It’s called “Uplevel Consulting’ and I can promise you, it was one of the most pathetic and worthless hours of my life. I have seen many scammers online and Sam is just teh same. He runs a malicious scam and that’s why, it’s absolutely necessary taht you heed my advice.


You might not believe in me, but I’m telling the truth. And I’m not the only person who feels the same way. There are hundreds of others who have lost their hard-earned money and precious time because of Sam’s courses. His business model works but only for himself.

You’ll be the paying the heavy price for all of his earnings. The bad news is, he is so deceptive taht it becomes nearly impossible for innocent people to identify whether he is really a scam or not. He has created a powerful online brand through gaining recognition from leading brands and generating a plethora of content for gaining followers.

Due to his near-perfect online brand, people hesitate in questioning his methods. And these people also ignore the advice of those who have suffered because of Sam’s scams. His whole ‘’ is a sham and a mischievous organization to steal money from others.

Who is Sam Ovens?

Sam Ovens leaning on a bike
Got this screenshot from

The reality behind the fake persona of Sam Ovens is quite harsh. Those who believe in him and his methods might question my words but if they would htink logically and get rid of the emotions, they will also see that Sam is a total FRAUD.

He has been cheating people since the very beginning and he has spent lavishly on creating a fake personality for this brand.  It’s hard to gain someone’s trust but like any other con artist, Sam knows how to gain one’s trust.

He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and many other leading publications as a renowned entrepreneur. But the problem is, they all are telling the story which Sam told them to. They don’t know the reality behind Sam and his disgraceful business model as well.

So what is Sam’s story anyway?

According to his Forbes profile, Sam had dropped out of college, he quit his corporate job and started a business with no investors or capital. The bio further adds that he grow an e-learning business to $10 million by the time he reached the age of 26.

This story seems legitimate. He got named in the 30 under 30 list of Forbes Asia. Such a story and list of achievements can deceive anyone. What many people fail to realize is the fact that the products sold by his company, which are responsible for his success, are not waht he claims to be.

The course are supposed to help people in building businesses or accelerating the growth of their existing businesses. But the realtiy is, they are just a few jargon-filled and useless courses which provide negligible value to the user. The methodology is poor and the customer service is devastating.

The courses don’t work for most people. And even if they do, they are designed in such a way taht you will end up getting another one, which will leave you more confused.

He has designed his company’s courses in such a way that you will end up buying all of them in the hope that you will make progress with your business. While the reality is, it will only help Sam in growing strongly. His online persona aids his business model and helps him in attracting numerous customers to fill his pockets.

Sam Ovens Sold me a worthless course for $2,000!

Sam is a great marketer, there’s no doubt about that. If he wasn’t such a great marketing expert then he wouldn’t have been able to cheat so many people. He has created a large online following and a vast network of entrepreneurs to make sure that people don’t see him as the bad guy.

He lies but he lies with such cunning that people aren’t able to realize taht they are the victims of a scammer. How do I know all this? That’s because I run a business myself and I’m one of teh past students of Sam Ovens’ consulting dot com.

I had found out about his and its programs seemed quite impressive. Just take a look at the description of his ‘Uplevel Consulting’ program, and you’ll see what I mean. Here is an exceprt from the same:

“It is a 9-week online course with physical workbooks…..The course shows you how to scale using systems.”

It was just a small introduction. I left out the details because Sam is notorious in the market for slapping people with teh DMCA notice or a defamation suite if you quote any one of this products (or pages).

The course descriptions also tells you that it is for established businesses which have customers. It will help you scale your business to 7-figures with the use of automation, PPC ads and predictable systems. A course from a leading marketer and such promise is sure to catch one’s attention. It lured me too and joining it was a huge mistake on my part.

I first signed up for the course’s free trial. It contains a lot of material. And by a lot I really mean a huge quantity. The courses touches a lot of subjects in the beginning and gives you tasks to complete. You have to complete the tasks if you want to make progress in the course. But the content is laid out so poorly that it gets really annoying ot keep up with everything.

Apart from that, you also get access to a group of entrepreneurs when you join his courses. The group is full of yesmen who keep praising Sam on a regular basis and if you ask them a question they simply tell you taht it would be better if you did it yourself, otherwise there’s no use of taking the course.

In the end, you’re left alone, handling your business and taking this shitty course which teaches you something you can’t understand. It took me a lot of effort to get thorugh the initial stages of his ‘Uplevel Consulting’ course. In the course, he uses jargon often but doesn’t explain what they are and how they are related to your business.

I used to spend hours trying to comprehend what Sam was teaching me. In the 25 days of the 30-day trial I had made little progess in the course. I was disappointed in myself but I realized that I shouldn’t take this course. It just wasn’t the right fit for me. But how can I escape the jaws of this scammer.

Because of his course, I wasn’t able to focus properly on my business. When I started following a few of his suggestions, my business began to face some serious setbacks. I asked the community for help and thought there must be some mistake in my implementations. But I received zero helpful responses from teh group.

I have begun to doubt that the ‘entrepreneur groups’ are filled with bots who keep chatting with each other and give automated responses. Either the real entrepreneurs don’t have the time to say there or they just don’t exist.


Sam had discussed using new and innovative ways to generate clients. I ended up losing one because the client was no longer comfortable with our new working style. I lost his business and after that Incidence, I stopped following Sam’s advice.

My free trial had already ended and I had already lost $697 to Sam and his company. So I went ahead with his course. In the second half of the course, I realized why I failed so miserably in its execution, the course’s material was way outdated. The marketing techniques and the discussed methods are no longer viable in teh current industry.

It’s almost as if Sam hasn’t even touched the course after creating it. The marketing tactics and the management advice I had followed at first was no longer effectigve. That’s why I lost a lot of business including a $17,000 client.

His courses are outdated and full of useless information. They are just packaged nicely so you would think “Wow, what an amazing course.” He is a marketer who is selling trash which is covered in a nice wrapping paper.

And that’s why he is a scammer. That’s what scammers do. They promise you the world and deliver you nothing. Sam is just like that. I was very depressed and disappointed when I realized the reality behind the course of Sam. It was supposed to be an effective course for businesses but it really is a compliation of useless advice which is no longer effective.

When I contacted the customer support and described my situation, they said I should take the other course they offer. I was like, ‘What do you mean? Are you telling me that this course isn’t helpful?”

They said, “It would be better if you took this course after Consulting Accelerator and for the best results, you should take Quantum Mastermind too.”

They meant to tell me that their course didn’t provide me with any value unless I bought two other courses. Wasn’t the course supposed to be for businesses? Wasn’t it supposed to help businesses in accelerating their growth?

I had read the description of his preceding course called Consulting Acclerator, and I know the basics he has shared in taht course. I don’t need to learn the basics of setiing up a business. I was already running a successful business. I only wanted to go ahead and enhance its growth.

Like I told you, I worked with the course for weeks. But no matter how much effort I put into it, it didn’t give me anything of value. So I concluded that it’s a useless piece of crap which shouldn’t be marketed this way.

All the things Sam promises to you on his webinars and websites are lies. He has created these super-expensive courses just so you will purchase them, spend weeks thinking what are they teaching you and end up losing a great deal of money.

IF you ask me, this is a smart method to steal money from people. He markets his courses like they give you some advanced knowledge while in reality, they are full of useless information which doesn’t make any sense. Your whole free trial will be spent in comprehending what the course is telling you about. By the time you realize that the course doesn’t give you anything of value, you would have invested too much of your money and your trial would have expired.

So, you lose your hundreds of dollars and at least a month of your productive time while Sam gets to keep the money and remain undisturbed. Due to its complexity, it is rather difficult for many people to identify the scam. Such deceptive people should be thrown in jail. We punish politicians for lying by throwing them out of power but Sam doesn’t get any punishment for lying to the people.

I belive a fraud and scumbag like Sam Ovens should be thrown in jail and tried in court. Only then he will come to his senses.

Other’s Allegations and Complaints on Sam Ovens

There are many other people, apart from me, who have been cheated by Sam and his company, People complain about a poor customer service as well as thievery of their funds.

Sam Ovens is popular as a scam. The number of people who know his reality isn’t that small. In fact, this number is considerably huge. Here is an interesting stat, Sam Ovens’ name is quite popular as a scam throughout the world.

Google Trends screenshot

In Google Trends, the term ‘Sam Ovens Scam’ is one of hte most trending terms containing his name. This means there are many people who doubt the legitimacy of this man’s products. And they should, becaue Sam really is a scammer who has been cheating money from people for years and he has been using those funds to further fuel his nefarious schemes.

One person had complained about the low-quality of customer service his company has. The customer service didn’t respond to the queries of the person. And when the complainer had requested for a refund, the customer service simply stretched the conversation for so long taht the trial period ended and the guy was forced to pay Sam and

Another person had a similar experience. He had taken part in the Consulting Accelerator program but he didn’t find anything of value in teh course. So he contacted the customer support of the company and requested them to initiate his refund. They sent him an email telling him to try teh product for at least a few more days before he can get the refund. He refused. He waited for some time but did not receive the refund.

When he contacted the credit card company, they told him that there can’t be any reversal. Apparently , Sam’s company had sent him some emails and they were presnt in the complainer’s ‘Spam’ folder. Therefore, Sam had proper evidence as to why he couldn’t initiate a refund.

You should head towards the ‘Sources’ listed below the article to find more complaints from his past customers. You will find that he has sammed many people in the past and the worst thing is, he is keeping it up without any kind of remorse or hesitation.

Most of the complaints about Sam and his products are regarding stealing of funds and poor response from the customer support. However, the number of people complaining about his courses’ contents isn’t small as well.

He lied to one customer and told her taht he will give her a refund even after the trial period if she stayed for a while longer. You can guess what happened next. She never recived a refund and she lost a hefty sum of a few thousand dollars to Sam.

Online Presence of Sam Ovens

There’s a reason why Sam methods work. He is able to attract many customers for his companies and increase the number of victims for his fishy plans because of social media. Social media has helped Sam a lot in attracting innocent people and in hiding his real identity from the users.

His large number of following on these platforms is because of his daunting number of accomplishements. If a person gets featured in teh Forbes 30 under 30, it shows that the person is worth following. It is a sad truth taht Sam Ovens is one of hte few guys who have fooled everyone through his shady business tactics. As I said earlier, finding out the reality behind the scam of Sam Ovens is really difficult.

He has created his scam meticulously and it becomes increasingly difficult to identify the various unethical practices for a new guy if he isn’t familiar with Sam’s products. However, there are many people who have suffered losses because of Sam Ovens. You can find innumerable complaints him and his company online.

To hide these complaints, he uses social media platforms. Take a look at his Instagram profile for example:


Sam Ovens Instagram

You will notice that he has 93k followers. Now that number isn’t big, but the large verification tag alongside his name shows him as a trustworthy person. No one would suspect that he is running one of the biggest online scams on the planet. Believe me, if somebody told me that Sam Ovens was a scammer before all these incidents, I wouldn’t have believed that person either.


Sam Ovens Twitter

His Twitter Profile isn’t that big however. It’s removed lol. People must’ve started trolling him bad there. It shows that either his marketing tactics aren’t fooling anyone or he is too new for Twitter. Twitter has more organic users than Instagram. Therefore, gaining followers is a difficult task for anyone.


Sam Ovens YouTube Channel

On his YouTube channel he posts videos for promoting his e-leanring products. He has plenty of followers here as well. As you can see in the picture above, the number of his channel’s subscribers is 56k. It will increase in teh future because Sam has the purchasing power (thanks to his scams) and the resources ot boost his following.

With the kind of money Sam has at this moment, one can buy followers on these social media platforms too.So it wouldn’t surprise me if Sam’s followers on these platforms turned out to be fake. Because the number of people Sam has scammed till now isn’t small. And many of these people have voiced their opinions on different platforms.


Sam has put a lot of effort into hiding his true identity from the market. But it is essential for people to see his true side. I don’t want other innocent people to lose their hard-earned money and time to this vicious guy.

I hope my experience will help you make a better choice. Sam Ovens’ scams aren’t stopping anytime soon but the least we can do is make more people aware about his schemes. Don’t you agree?


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Sam Ovens is a moral-less scammer! I can't ever recommend his products to anyone. They are absolutely trash!

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    Ay man, just avoid this guy. I think by now everyone knows how much of a scammer Ovens is. I can’t believe people still don’t know this! If you’re buying his course, then you are throwing money away Lol.
    By the way, before anyone starts saying, “Oh, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”, I will clarify. I’ve bought Sam’s products and it was totally not worth it man. Instead of getting angry on me, breathe and stop idolizing him.

    - CONS: Expensive. He's building a cult.
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