1-800 car wreck

the worst service that was possible ever

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I would never suggest anybody to get their services from one to eight hundred car wrecks because they have a very very very pathetic service if there was a possibility of me giving one to them. Or Rather zero to them was possible. I would have definitely done that but there isn’t. So I have to give them one star they don’t deserve that one start. I thought that I was in good hands when I was met with an accident, but no rather I had to pay exorbitant rates for no help that I received. Moreover I lost the case. They don’t know what exactly they are doing. They don’t have Any knowledge of Law & Order I don’t know. Where do they get their degrees from or where do they get their qualifications from? They are not at all up to the task. I had to run around a lot doing their work for them. I went into their services so that they would do my work but rather I had to redo all the running around for them. Diva not at all up to the task and did not know what to see at the court.
They provided me the worst service that was possible ever in the history of services. First of all, the attorney is late second of all, he doesn’t have a clue as to what he supposed to do. I was dealing with a different attorney before but since he had no responsibilities and no sense of responsibilities rather. He went on a holiday on a vacation. And I was stuck. The new attorney attorney who did not know what he was supposed to do. Is this service that you’re providing? Is this a joke? I would be behind bars if I did not take or consult a different attorney. I would have been behind bars. I lost the case. Definitely. And I had to pay exorbitant prices. The loss was on my end. They were happy with their prices and whatever they charged me. What was I charged for a service that I did not receive.

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