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they replace original put fake parts while service.

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It is better to get your car checked regularly. This not only ensures that your rides are safe but also prevents the car from major repair expenses. Thinking as to what I mentioned , I decided to do the vehicle as it had been quite a long time that the car service was done. The dealership from where I purchased the car do provide repair services but they take a long time to diagnose and repair as they have a quantum of such cars every day and it was not possible for me to give my car for a long period of (a week or so). Hence, I went to nearby repair shop which is 2 Aces Auto Repair and Accessories LLC. I showed them the car and they said the car has fuel problem. It was not a serious at that time but it may lead to severe consequences later so it is better to fix it immediately.

I trusted them and went on for the paper work and formalities. I realized they are not at all professional as they do not keep complete record of vehicles they are repairing. Anyways it did not bother me. My concern was to get the car as soon as possible which they were promising to do. They agreed to give the car the next day. Upon taking back my car the next day it looks all well, later I realized it was only superficial. My car faced many problems after that, it used to stop anywhere. So, I took it to dealer company where they found that many of the major parts were taken out and replaced by cheap materials. 2 Aces Auto Repair and Accessories are such a liar, they even denied that I made a visit to their place. There was point in getting back the original parts as it was costing too much. Finally, I decided upon selling that car and buying a new one. I would give zero rating to 2 Aces Auto Repairs and Accessories. Do not ever visit this place. They fool people because not everyone is well versed in automobile parts and they take advantage over this

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