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save yourself the stress and choose any other company for internet marketing solutions

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405 Media Group, based in Minneapolis, provides the worst solutions for one’s internet marketing needs. It is critical to have them quit raising everyone’s expectations and claim to be a know-it-all and do-it-all. I was at a recent meeting where I discovered my company had actually suffered heavy losses because of the company. Our reputation had almost been at stake, but our experts managed it quite well. It was a well and good day when we were approached by 405 Media Group for some business arrangements. They wanted us to give them a try and boy! That did not prove to be a good idea. Their email management was totally off, social media handling had been messy and the web design was awful. One thing that they did right was staying away from our reputation management. I have never seen the HRs and bosses so stressed and regretful. It was somewhat scary too.
We thought of suing the company, but let it go as much damage had not been done. We simply decided to take one off and forget about it. However, I feel a responsibility of letting others know out there to be careful of companies who let their functions be run by amateurs. Even I could have done a better job on the social media management than them. Moreover, I had also noticed a slack off in their work. They seemed to be too chilled and laid back. Look, it might be a “cool” lifestyle, but some businesses are simply not run like that. No offence, but if people started running multimillion-dollar businesses with a careless attitude like that, people would be wearing snap back caps to the office in someone’s backyard. Let me just say that save yourself the stress and choose any other company for internet marketing solutions, but not 405 Media Group.

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