99 calls

They are a huge scam

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99 calls is a lead generation company. They have great reviews all over the internet and I just cannot come to the conclusion as to how this is possible. They do have numerous leads but I cannot help but wonder if they verify these people they give us information about. Based in Bradenton United states, this company seems very helpful but is a total fraud. When I was new in the area, I searched online for contractors or people who can connect me to them. 99 calls was the first in the search list. My business had suffered several losses when I shifted from my hometown. I wanted to make up for those losses. This is the reason why I decided to join my business with 99 calls hoping that I would get genuine buyers and callers. They promised that the lead volume would be tripled since I had singed them. I was very happy that finally my company will start growing and earn a name of its own. I got listed but I never got promoted or found. They abandoned me. This was really shocking to me; my company had not received any proper calls or the promised tripled leads. Instead I was just losing up on money. I called the company and spoke to them about my problem. All they said was that they were working on my profile as it was not interesting for the callers. I waited but nothing happened in the coming three months. I finally decided to get me off their site and got another company. Now I get more leads and callers. The workers were extremely unprofessional; they just forgot that I ever existed or that my company was important to me. They are a huge scam and it’s not fair that they have such stupid false claims.

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