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Warranty does not covers faulty repairs? WTF

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I aspired to have a lavish home build for my parents. I wanted to gift this to them. I bought the house and all the furniture work was done. I wanted a pool in the outside veranda for which I contacted A- Tex Above Grounds Pools, Spas and Billiards. Things went well initially. I negotiated with them for the price and the design of pool. They started their work. They had promised to complete all the work within a week. But they did not meet their deadline. I could not gift my parents this house on the day I decided. Since I had already paid the amount the only option, I was left with was to continue with work. When the pool was made, it looked just amazing and brought a different look to the house.

The service that they provided was not good at all, I realized this when within a week my parents complained about the pool. They did not tell us any precautions. The liner of pool began to have holes. It turned out as if I had made concrete pool only. The liner was so damn costly and it just broke my heart seeing such results. I called them regarding the issues faced and one the worker made visit. He diagnosed and started giving me solutions as to what can be done and he was alongside telling me quotation for these. I told him that I had been given a one-year warranty so why do I need to pay. He said that the warranty covers only the diagnosis fees and not the actual cost of repairs. I have never heard of such a warranty agreement. I am very unhappy with this place. I had paid so much for this pool and did not even last for a month. I was thinking of making the game area in the house. But this experience has led me to rethink this idea.

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