Aaron’s Garage Door Service

they lack clarity and professionalism in work

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I required a door for my single garage. So, I contacted Aaron’s Garage Door Service. The deal went well. The price was high. But still I went with the deal with them. they gave me one-year free service card too. It was impressive but later realized it was only captivating with no real use. Actually, I had a problem with the lock of garage door. I was not able to lock the door. So, I called them for the repair of this door. This time I realized that their quick service was only restricted to purchase and fixing of garage doors and not to the repair work (especially free repair). They began making excuses like the staff was not available, the place was far off etc.

When I finally convinced them to visit the place next week, they delayed the visit. They could have at least sent a message if they were going to be late. I was calling them constantly for an hour like a stupid person. I had to take a half day from my office. They diagnosed the door and said that the lock needs to be changed. I asked them to proceed. When the work was over, they asked me to pay the bill. I do not understand what that free service card was for. They said that the free service covers only some of the services and not all. So, I need to pay. It is reasonable if they ask me to pay for lock (even though the free service period was not over) but why should I pay for diagnosis fees. So basically, the free service is an illusion. I was irritated for this small repair work for which they literally took the hell out of me. They should become more professional in their dealings. I was unhappy with this place.

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