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do not give the intended results as bigger as they boast

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Accelerate Marketing based in La Jolla is a disappointing marketing company. They charge too much and do not give the intended results as bigger as they boast. They have based their whole business on a company they had once helped get better with their marketing program, but I can assure you that they no longer have that zeal to make it large.
A few months ago, one of my co-workers at work had finally gathered enough capital to start a business on his own. He was really excited and nervous, but had his aims in his line of vision. Slowly he worked into the beginning of his dream company, and all he needed was a push. So, he decided on hiring a marketing manager. He got the reference of Accelerate Marketing through a group he was in and instantly made arrangements for further steps. He felt very happy because of the promises he was made. In the beginning, it all seemed to even work out, but as days went by, they started becoming less involved. He felt them paying less attention to him even though he had bought the most expensive gold package costing him $3997 per month. You would think that despite the fact you were spending lots of money, a company would first worry about the way its customers feel about the service. They lacked in campaign management, made bad designs and had the audacity to be rude when my co-worker rejected it. Some services were not even being given to him. After a few months, he stopped working with them seeing as it almost cost him his business. He was wise to do that, but unlucky enough to have been stuck with a marketing company like Accelerate Marketing. Have value for your own money and beware of such organizations that give you intolerable service behind the curtains of “Good service or money back”!

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