Acorn Hill Animal Hospital

Over charges, wrongly diagnosed problems ..

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Acorn Hill Animal Hospital is the worst place to take your pet. Even if the animals cannot speak, they feel the pain too. I could feel the trouble of my dog. The doctor treated him brutally. I would like to share my entire experience. The receptionist first gave me confusing advice as to specifically consult which doctor in the hospital. The person said depending upon the disease, you must consult the following doctors. Why the hell would I come to hospital if I knew what problem was my dog having. I just randomly decided to visit Dr. Stephanie Horstman. Probably everyone could just make a random choice only. I spoke to the doctor about the unusual behaviour of my dog and also informed that I was a bit late in the vaccination this time. The doctor gave the vaccination. This is where I began to feel that my dog was not treated good over here.

Then the doctor went on to diagnose other disease. I was not very satisfied with the treatment of this doctor. So, I requested the receptionist to let me visit another doctor of the hospital. The person denied that this was not possible as it would hamper the image of former doctor. This was ridiculous. I decided to wait to go with the treatment my pet was given but there was no improvement in his health. I thereby decided to consult some other doctor. I told him about my visit to Dr. Horstman and the disease she had diagnosed. I was shocked to know that my dog has no such issue. the dog was unwell due to some hormonal changes. It was the issue of mating and that’s why the dog had turned aggressive. The doctor proper treatment to my pet and he was well again. In whole this scenario I feel Acorn Hill Animal Hospital was just trying to charge me as high as possible. They are cheaters.

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