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hope no one falls into the trap of this ridiculous dentistry

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My husband and I regularly go for cosmetic dental services as both of us are working in an MNC, and as we all know, presentation plays a crucial role in these sectors. It is a kind of ritual for us to go for teeth whitening and a good floss once in every six months, but the last time has been such a disastrous experience that we are now afraid to even smile in front of our colleagues!
We fixed up an appointment with Acton Dental Associates and were called to their chambers in 179 Great Rd STE 204, Acton, the last time we were going to get a teeth whitening service, as our colleague had suggested them to us as a good one. They did give us a date and time for getting our service. But on the day of the whitening, they cancelled our appointment and gave a second date! Changing or shifting dates becomes difficult for us as we need to maintain our own jobs also, yet we took a day off for the second appointment. On the said date, the dentist who was to pay a visit to us was unavailable, so we were to get the teeth whitening from another doctor – someone who seemed very rude and inexperienced. We were specifically going for Opalescence whitening and were thus charged almost triple of the amount of money we usually paid. We had been assured of getting almost 8 shades brighter teeth within an hour or so. Our teeth did seem much brighter when we got it done, but within 48 hours, it went from a pale yellow to deep yellow and now it has turned grey!
I hope no one falls into the trap of this ridiculous dentistry and the fake promises they make!

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